et donc il est

And so there it is. Sorry for butchering the French language used Google translate.

Lots of design for PvE published on WoWhead. Lots of people talking about things. Why this is good. Some pointing out why they feel its bad. It is change. A line has been drawn right down the middle of the game. One one side, those that have the time and skills to either Flex raid or higher, and those that do not. Those that can will be able to do things as they normally do, will out gear creatures in the world, will easily find groups for world bosses, will be able to use the new regular/heroic group finder, etc. There will be reward for those that push to see the highest level of content.

Those on the other side will still have regular dungeons, heroic ones if the can meet requirements, and LFR. The gear from there will drop faster in an effort to gear you enough to step across the line.

But what about those that still cannot. Those like me. I have no fantasy world in my head where I will get proving ground silver and be able to queue for random heroic dungeons. I see rewards for challenge mode dungeon dailies. I have never gotten 1 finished.

And so there it is. I am not a bad player. I can do as well as I can because I read, and try to learn, and eventually out gear content I work on so that in my 2-3 hours playing I can get some things accomplished. Now I feel like I am going to be even more of an outlier. So much is riding on Garrisons for me. But if I am coerced into have to devote my time to raiding because that is the direction of the game then that is it.

You see, I could probably server change, join a dedicated raiding guild, spend 4-5 nights a week raiding and do just that. But that is not what I enjoy doing. And as it was mentioned to me. That is not a problem with the game. That’s a problem with me.

I like helping people when I can. I like doing a little bit of everything. Unfortunately for me raiding no longer has any appeal. In MoP that is not that big a deal. Still plenty of ways to acquire gear to be able to jump into anything on the spur of the moment to help out. And I feel like now not only is the game design leaning towards making it for those at the hardest levels. But now widening the gap between those that can and those that cannot dedicate time to a specific purpose.

And so there it is. I will eventually buy Warlords. I will raise one character to 100 some how. I will do my LFR once. And then go live in my little Garrison small or large as it may be. Until I tire of being forced to do content because an NPC was captured, or my Garrison is over run. And then that may be it. I will be one of those filling out a questionnaire on why I am I leaving the game.

You see Blizzard. We don’t want or need you to force or maneuver us in the direction you want. Some of us just want to be able to play and do things on our own or with friends or strangers. And have fun doing so. We want to be able to say one evening hey that sounds like fun, sure I will go.

And so there it is.


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