Monday Monday. Can’t trust that day

Yesterday I said this.


You see Blizzard. We don’t want or need you to force or maneuver us in the direction you want. Some of us just want to be able to play and do things on our own or with friends or strangers. And have fun doing so. We want to be able to say one evening hey that sounds like fun, sure I will go.



And when I typed it, it made perfect sense, to me.  Just as any of the answers given by Blizzard Developers during interviews.  It is a comment that makes perfect sense to us in the moment we make the statement.  But everything is subject to interpretation.  Like any game from the moment we give something a try we are looking for a reason to stop playing.  It is too hard, it has gotten too easy, to much emphasis on a part of the game I do not like, not enough for me to do, costs to much, takes too much time, there are hundreds of reasons given daily.  And when we put thought to paper it makes perfect sense to us in that moment in time.


So.  As I said, I do not need to be forced to try something in the game. I have tried all aspects of the WoW experience, I have tried pet battles, they have not caught my fancy, yet for many it has.  I enjoy getting exalted reputations, for many it is a tedious aspect of the game, many enjoy going into a raid multiple times a week and working for months to get a boss down, I did at one time, but now I do not, some have no desire to ever PvP, I like to on occasion. Point is there are plenty of things in the game that people like and enjoy, plenty of things we are indifferent to that we may try a few times or do when we need a break, and things that we thoroughly dislike.  And I have tried them all, and I am still here after almost 5 years.  I have close to 260 days played on my main character which works out to many, many hours a day.  Everyday for almost 5 years.  That is a long time to play a video game from my standpoint.  It is a long time to play any kind of hobby game on a daily basis in anyone’s book.


So they have said we do not “Have” to do Garrisons, we will get them, just like we have a bank, or bags, or talents.  We don’t have to use the bank or anything else, we do so because it is a quality of life aspect, just as having a fast ground mount, or the fastest flying.  So they are making some changes that have put me off a bit.  If I want gear to raid as I am accustomed to, I will have to raid.  The reward comes from the time commitment to it.  Yes there will be items that can be crafted, but if they are anything like MoP, we may be looking at 7 weeks or more of making a material needed in order to make 2 items, not even taking into account any specialty items we may need to venture into the world to find, or parts only accessible from raid dropped gear that has been disenchanted, looking at you 522 head armor requiring 8 haunting spirits.  I hoped they learned that lesson, let’s offer a crafted piece that by the time someone can get the mats to make it, the piece is not an upgrade at all or may even be a tier behind.  I also hope they learned we are willing to work to craft something, but almost a month for 1 piece is off putting.  To make something to sell certainly, but something for personal use should be a much faster experience.  I gear to go into raids, I do not raid to get gear to make them farmable, or wish to spend months doing them over and over.  So in that respect being able to see the entirety in LFR is ok for me.




Not big enough to encourage me to go back to those times I sat in wait for an opportunity to sub into the progression team, not going to abuse my position as GM to bench someone that desires to make the commitment.  It is a part of the game I enjoyed for a time, now I do not.


Now.  The general info we have on Garrisons is we will get them, we can do things to grow them as we quest, the choices we make as we grow them will impact our questing experience, we do not “Have to”,but gosh darn it, it sure would be swell if you gave it a try.  And try them I will.  I will experience them during my questing experience to level 100, I will try to grow them in a manner that appeals to me, and see what the end result is.  Where I am a bit leery is the parts about having to defend them against attacks.  I know that it is not something we will need to drop everything and rush back, but please, for my sanity, not another go grab buckets from the well to put out the fires.  I disliked doing so for years during Hallows End, I disliked having to do it as part of the Golden Lotus dailies, I do not want to revisit this again.  Let it burn.  Rescuing NPC’s from dungeons.  This may be something as simple as run X dungeon and rescue your NPC, which would be fine, if it becomes a side objective, you are hoping 4 others will be willing to help you do so.  Initially many will probably be doing the same, but eventually we will be back to the speed clears and you are on your own.  Notable characters may show up to give your quests.  Nat Pagle coming to visit asking me to go fish up a rare Whozajigger fish?  Sure, I might do that.  Nessingwary asking me to hunt down the elusive Whatchamacallit beast?  Yeah, I can do that.  Baine Bloodhoof asks me to help gather supplies to assist the fighting on the front lines, sure, absolutely.  Aggra shows up to beg me to go into normal/heroic raid to rescue Thrall? 



Ummm, yeah, sorry there Thrall.  You’re a great guy, an awesome ex-Warchief and all, but no.  Love to help a brother out, but no.


You see, I do want to at least give the new raids a try, at some point.  I will not necessarily let my first LFR experiences in WoD shape my opinions, I will at the least give them a try when I feel I have adequate enough gear to do so.  I will not be leveraged into going because an internal program meets a certain marker to trigger a quest.  You have reached iLvL 625 this quest is now available.  My fear, and I know it is still 5 months of testing away, is that our Garrison progression will come to halt until we don’t do some task, or will be radically slowed, ie, you refused to rescue Thrall, your NPC’s are talking in whispers about you, there is a labor slow down.  You really should take that quest and go rescue him.  Mmmm sorry not today, maybe in a few weeks.  Your NPC’s no longer care about fighting to defend your Garrison, some have left.  You REALLY should take that quest.

That may never happen.  It is what I would program into the game if I was designing it and wanted to get people to do certain aspect of the game I feel they should try.  8 million players 8 million different opinions.



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