Is the current boredom all Blizzards fault.

So many of us are quick to jump and point and proclaim, Blizzard!!!!!!!




But is it really all on them?





Do we play a part in sharing the blame?




I will be the first to admit, I fell into the mad cap rush on the release of Mists of Pandaria.  While I did not power level and race to 90, I did get there in less than 2 weeks.  I quested out all of the zones, because that is what I enjoy doing.  I got in and ran my Dungeons and Heroics, ran my LFR’s even ran most normal raids during current tiers.  I kept right along with the pace that was set, even though at times I felt like it was a race not meant for me I did my best to keep current.  Through MV, HoF, and ToES.  ToT was where I started slipping, some fights were just to much for my skill level and I felt like I hit my first wall for normal raiding, I should back track a second and mention HoF, the tornados were to much for my PC and in the end I just never went back to finish the rest of that particular raid, so perhaps not doing those was really a wall for me, and by the time we were starting ToES Thunder Island was opening up, so it was skipped mostly for normal.  And to this day my feeling is Tortos on normal is just bad design for an average player like myself.

Regardless, I plugged along at the fast pace of content consumption pushed for not just by Blizzard but also by us the players.  We do share part of the blame in the speed we consume.  We did not “Have” to run 30 dailies a day, we didn’t have to rush through everything they threw at us the first day it was released, but we did.  Were we coerced?


Perhaps a bit.  Look at all the new stuff, new gear, new content, new zones, more story, go see it, GO SEE IT NOW!!!  Along the way we heard a tid bit that they would like to see 18 month expansions, not that we were getting one, just they would like to see them at that pace.  I think that may be too aggressive.  While many at the high end of the game can consume and clear at that pace, the vast majority of us cannot, and we burn out and put the blame on Blizzard.  Would it have been so bad having tiers released at 7 month intervals?  Possibly, possibly not.  In a game where the top 10% are through, done, and bored in less than 3-4 months is it their fault for being skilled enough to do so?  Absolutely not, nor is it our fault for not being able to play to their level.  Blizzard is producing a product that they want us all to play, the rate of speed we play it at is our own choice.  But I do feel they should do more to slow us down from trying to keep to the pace where we just skip over things trying to maintain a pace set by others.  A 6-7 month tier would have us at 10-12 months for a final tier which is where we currently are with people losing interest and complaining they are bored with nothing to do.  Just my personal opinion.  I do not fully blame them for cranking out product as fast as we can consume it, I do however want to admonish them for not encouraging us better to take our time and experience it all.






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