The melting pot that is WoW

In talking to someone the other day I came to a realization that not only have lines been drawn in the sand between those that take the stand you are casual, you are hardcore.



There are so many other lines that if you look at them all you would see this.



High pop servers get catered to; Low pop servers are swept under the rug.  Not enough effort made to balance PvP, Blizz only cares for PvE content.  Why should PvE have to suffer to keep PvP balanced?  Game is too easy.  Game is too hard.  Content is pushed out to fast. Not fast enough.  Not enough female representation in the game, too much of a boys club.  Favoritism given to the Horde.  Not enough Alliance back story or meaning.  It goes on and on.  And a new one I never thought about, those that the story and lore mean a great deal too, and those that play the faction they do because of the people they play with, not necessarily because they are the good guys or the baddies.  I tend to believe that we are 8 unique races of people that most of the time do not get along, but come together to stomp out anyone that distracts us from fighting each other.


WoW has so much to offer; at times it is overwhelming the amount of stuff there is to do, so much so that we tend to focus on an aspect of the game that has great appeal to us.  After a few years of focusing on a certain part we tend to want more for our little corner of the game.  If say the game had 10 unique things to do, if one garnered a pinch more design then we would yell that one part is 1% better than ours.  Not that, oh cool, the part of the game I enjoy has not been cut to make room for something new.  I am sure there is a finite amount of not necessarily resources, but room to include everything.  They are the only ones that truly see the numbers, how many are raiding, how many are in arena, was pet battles a success, how many completed the legendary cloak, are people doing quests in Vanilla content, BC, Wrath, Cata, what is working, what needs to be improved/overhauled/scrapped.  They are the ones that have an idea of not necessarily what we want, but whether or not the things we are asking for will be not only enjoyable by a high percentage of people, but also used.

We come from all walks of life, some Rich, some poor, those that play at the top level of the game, those that have played for years still without a max level, we are young children, we are retired grandparents, we are married, single, gay, straight, bi transgendered, we are of different nationalities in countries across the world.  We are 8 million+ unique special snowflakes that all want the game to be special to us.  For one reason or another years ago, or even yesterday, we all picked up a game to play and play it we do, some everyday, some once a week, some for an hour here and there when we have time.  There is not one end all be all format that will appeal to everyone, compensating for one group or ideal over another is no different than favoring one aspect of the game over another.  I am sure that they do the best they can given a broad outline for a societal framework they created 10 years ago.  No company creates a game thinking it will last this long.  I am sure once the 3rd expansion was underway there was a level of excitement in having something that so many enjoyed.  Just as now I am sure there are moments of panic when issues arise that threaten to topple the tower.  Just as many sitcoms have gone on for 10 years I am sure there may come a day when they finally say, that’s a wrap, we are going out on top.  Thank you all for playing, love you all, peace.


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