Why do we seek out the negative.

Is it so easy to find fault in our games and not look at the positives?


We find fault with all aspects of the game, Raiding, PvP, Questing, Dailies, Faction imbalance, Lore, the people we play with.  Why?  I suspect in part it is that we have played longer in one game than any game we may have played before.  Growing up playing Atari games, we would play for awhile, beat a game and move on, when games came out on the computer, we would play for a few months and buy the next hot title, the next hot consol.  We cut our teeth with an Atari 2600, Colecovision, Nintendo, Playstation, etc.  I am sure those that grew up not only in my generation, but those in the PS Xbox, Wii generations did similar.  Playing something for a year or even 2 was a rarity.  Let alone a game that I have personally played now for almost 5 years straight, and many have for 10 years.  It is not the same game as when we started, it will never be the same.  Because not only have they changed the game to keep it fresh and feeling new, we have changed also.  We have gotten older, we have learned how to play better, refined what we enjoy, what we dislike, and slowly we lose our wonder at how miraculous the overall game truly is.  And yet we continue to chase the White Rabbit down the hole, always wanting it to be the way it was when we began.  When we can no longer find that high we look to other games, and then compare them to our favorite.  How many articles or comments have we seen over the years, WoW could learn from this new game title, or this feature in this new game should be in WoW, or even new up and comers need to look at WoW for what they should do.  We want it to change to be like others, yet remain the same, and hold it up as an industry standard for the rest, but change to be like newer titles.  We want it to reflect our ideals, social values, morals, desires, dreams, fantasies, realities.  We want it to speak to us and have a deep meaning.  We need to justify to ourselves why we play something every day, every week, month, years.  And the simple answer, because its fun just does not seem like enough.

We all started playing at some point in our lives.  We all marveled at how big it was, the endless choices of things to do and try, the fun in exploring, learning, discovering new places and things, trying many different races and roles, even factions, we either took our time to read the stories and quests, or we initially raced to the end.  It is still like that for people new to the game.  When we lose 100,000 people that is not entirely true, we probably lost 400,000, but 300,000 decided to start playing.  We should not cloud the impressions of those new to the game with our jaded views of what we feel is wrong or should change, we should encourage them, and allow their excitement to rekindle our own passion for the game.

It has so much to offer if we are only willing to let it.



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