rambling thoughts

Over the weekend I attended my nieces High School graduation.  Listening to these young people giving their speeches to their class I really made me think.  Here were young people that got it.  Maybe at that same age we did too and lost track over the years.  From the young man that knew no one when he moved to town in the 6th grade and was bullied by someone that lived in his neighborhood, who took a chance one day to answer the door only to find out the bully was just looking for a friend.  Words from others about taking chances, making friends, I know I am forgetting so much that I heard. 

We go through life 1 time, we make mistakes, we make good choices and bad.  How we choose to live our lives, do we want to be the bully putting down those that cannot meet our standards who feels great about themselves in the fear others have of them, or in how bad they make others feel, are we the person that does so much for others, yet is depressed because they feel no one want’s to do anything for them in return and are afraid to ask, are we indifferent to all and solely focused on ourselves, or do we try to be a bit of all.  Not so much the bully, but someone that stands up to defend another, someone willing to help others, but has the confidence to know when they need help and to ask for it, someone confident in ourselves to go it alone, but happy to share the journey.

We go through life once, unless you are a believer in reincarnation of course.  How we treat others and ourselves shapes not only our lives but those lives we touch through our actions and words.  Maybe there was someone once long ago that helped you out with something that at the time did not seem like much but looking back has more meaning, maybe someone once took some time from what they were doing to come back to town to make something for you and wanted nothing in return, or a member of an opposing faction that saw you were in trouble and swooped in to help out knowing they would get nothing for it yet helped anyway.  Take a moment to think of someone that you remember doing something for you.  Drop them a note, even to say, hey 6 years ago you helped me out, just wanted to say thank you it meant a lot. 

People say everyday, I am leaving the game, the server, the guild, the faction, because it is toxic to me.  Perhaps it is, when all we do is focus on the negatives, that becomes all we see.  Try to always focus on the good, or the best of things and suddenly it seems better.  This or any game will never be Zanadu for everyone forever, but while we are here we can try our best to make it a great place to be, and when we no longer enjoy it, say a farwell and thank those we have come to know for the help given to us, the fun times had by us, and for being a part of our lives for a time. 

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