THoughts on cities

I respect anyone opinion to agree or disagree with me or my thoughts.  This is just my opinion and I will not get into a long winded argument in replies.

I will preface this by saying until yesterday I really had no idea that we would be getting the major cities in Draenor as our capitals. 

I did know that we would see the Black Temple fully restored as the Draenei capital city for example, but I had no thoughts or allusions that it would be my home base of operations.  Apparently it was mentioned at Blizzcon almost a year ago.  Looking at the map, I could probably argue that the island is closer to the Alliance starting areas than the Horde so they are showing Alliance bias.  LOL.

So ok.  A lot of people are very upset. 
For reasons they had their hearts set on seeing these 2 locations restored to their original glory, even though they have said it would only be a small part of the town we would be using.  So perhaps some thought they would be able to wander the halls of the Black Temple before the destruction, it sounds like to me that was never going to happen.  As it stands now, we will be able to go and visit, wander around and see everything.  They have not taken it out of the game, they have just not added trade chat, or auction houses etc for us.  We can still go there, we can still wander around and check things out and explore, I am sure they want us to be there, maybe at some point there will be reasons to, or times to aide in defense.  But for now, it is just a cool looking city to visit.

Let me stop for a second and emphasize something.  These inhabitants of Draenor are not us. They are not the Draenei that we have known and interacted with for all these years, these are not the Orcs we fight along side or against.  These are the forefathers of us.  They are not us, they don’t know us, we may know many of them from our history, but they are our history. To them we are beings from the future.  While we may do some introductory quest chain and get permissions to enter their cities we are not them.  They will be our allies in our fight.  While I am sure our assistance in the fight against their enemies will be appreciated, I can only guess this is how we will be received


Why would they not want us.  Well we are bringing an invasion to their world.  We are coming in force with all we have, we are storming the beaches, digging in and preparing for war. 
It is what we do.  I certainly would not want a few thousands Warriors, Mages, Druids, Priests overrunning my city.  All that aside the original intent was for us to be in the city.  So what happened.  This is only what I can take a guess at.  Could be right, could be wrong.  They get to a point where they are doing internal testing.  They have their people in the city, running around doing what they normally do, looking for bugs, issues, etc.  They start incorporating parts of the questing experience and see a problem.  It does not feel right.  We show up, make friends, and boom, instant city.  Not much effort or work involved.  We head out and start working on our Garrisons and spend most of our time in town like we always do.  But they want us out there, working at gathering stuff, exploring, poking around, killing rares, finding treasure chests, doing more than just sitting on our butts in town, waiting for a Queue.

So we get a base on an island which is in contested territory, right near the other faction.  And there is a whole 24/7 pvp zone right there.  Why?  Because we fight.  A lot.  It is the fundamental basic of the game.  Orcs vs Humans.  We may put aside some differences when some big nasty shows up to interrupt our war against each other, but at the end of the day, when the bad guy of the week has been dealt with we go back to beating on each other.  Some have said why not just give us the cities and a portal to the pvp zone, I feel that they do not want that. They are tired of us flying around avoiding everything and everyone in the game.  If you want to get some place in Draenor, you are going to have to hoof it.  Now back on Thunder Island, remember Thunder Island?  We had an option.  DO regular daily quests, or we could do PvP quests.  Because like it or not, some people do enjoy PvP.  Maybe not full time, maybe they have chosen a full on PvP realm.  People like it.  So they are making it so that if you are on a PvE server, you will have to make a conscious effort to flag yourself. 

No more hey someone heal me,
Yeah sorry I got you tagged. 

They are bringing interaction back into the game.  We will see each other all the time just like we did back in the Wrath days living in Dalaran.  Is it going to be perfect?  I have no idea.  They seem to believe it is what needs to happen because the basis of the story needs it.  We are going to an alternate version of our timeline where some things have not happened yet. We are making a beachhead and setting up our base camp, building a garrison to help us fight a war, we will be building outposts in the zones to help us fight a war.  We are bringing war.
I am one of those people that really does not care if we get a base in some legendary city for 2 years, or if we have a mud hut on the shore line of the zone we start in.  I just want to be able to play, explore, see all there is to see, maybe get the desire to raid again beyond LFR, maybe try out the new PvP zone, and have fun playing a game I have grown to love, with people I enjoy playing with, and talking to everyday.  Who knows what subsequent patches will bring for us, will we have things like the Dominance offensive, will the have a new Timeless Isle zone, will there be world bosses we argue over who got the tag first.  At the end of 2 years we will all sit back and complain how we are bored, how Cataclysm was the best expansion ever, because now it is Wrath, and during Cata it was BC.  We have a movie coming too, and with it will be a whole slew of people that have never played an MMO, getting instant level 90’s and we will all name them Draybabies or some nonsensical term, and they will call us elitist and the cycle of WoW will go on.

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