I guess some times you just have to let people burn their own bridges.

We try. 

I have tried for 5 years now to defend the reputation for our server from comments like you all are just a bunch of Wrath babies to you all are just a bunch of casual bads that want to be carried.  I try to defend the reputation of any guild I have belonged to.  We try to do all we can to help people, to make the game enjoyable for anyone we have in the guild.  It is a value that is important to me, and what drew me to this guild that I now run.  On the one hand I like to feel I have been successful in continuing an ideal set by the original Guild Leader in maintaining a guild for people with lives.  Adults with jobs, families, going to school, to kids not even in high school that have cut off times.  We try to make it as friendly and helpful a place as we possibly can.  Where many guilds are falling apart or have 1-2 people online in the evening, we continue to grow and have 20+ online.  On the other hand there are times when it is just not enough for some people interested in doing something and people feel like they are being excluded.  And then there are the times when people feel the need to chop down, soak in gasoline and burn the bridge.  It is not enough to just make off hand comments about something they perceive to be different, but the need to do as much damage as possible because they felt slighted in some way.

While we may not offer a huge repair fund to all of our members, we do offer it.  We are more than willing to get people enchants, gems, and glyphs at no cost, we do ask for people to add raw materials to the bank if they can so that we can do things like this, but we don’t demand it.  We have people that are willing to make top end belts and pants for no cost.  We cover raid repairs, we cover flasks, and noodle carts, we try to do all we can.  Some times it is not enough and some times people may be unhappy with decisions that are made.

We have a progression team.  Most have worked on Mists content since the expansion came out, there have been a few changes over the last 18 months as people have had things come up that prevented them from being a part.  I have always maintained that team 1 is a group that many have been together since Cataclysm raiding, if at the time of invites someone is not online they would be replaced with others that had signed up.  We cannot take everyone, knowing this I have set aside my own desire to raid and see content so that others could go.  In the end tier the content does not offer me the fun of raiding I enjoy so it has not been to difficult to do.  We do not have a loot council or use any system other than main spec off spec rolls.  At one time it was discussed to do differently, but in the end that was not fair to everyone.

We have tried several times to get a 2nd team going, it has a few people not part of team 1 that want to raid, and the balance has been filled out with alt’s of team 1 people.  Recently we pulled together 22 people and 2 pugs to get a 25 group and everyone had a great time.  We only downed 2 bosses, but considering many had never seen normal it was a great success.  Moving forward we plan on doing 25 every other week with those from team 1 and anyone from team 2, in the hope that we can get a 2nd group reasonably geared and knowledgeable in the fights so they can be successful.  It won’t make everyone happy, but it is what we can do.

I realize that no matter how hard I try, I cannot make everyone happy.  Even if I do nothing for anyone else, to do all I can to change things to help one unhappy person, some times it is just not enough.  And I realize that today.  There is never enough time to help everyone, all I can do is try  to do the best I can, and if a person feels they are not being helped enough, or catered to, then it is best to cut them loose so they do not drag me down with them in their unhappiness.

So today is hopefully my first day to “Let it go” 

I will play the game the way I want to play, I will try to help out people that want help if I can, and if I cannot, then I will know that I tried.  I will not let it drag me down, and if someone feels the need to try to drag me, or the guild, or the server down with them, then I will stand aside and watch you burn the bridge.  I will not let your unhappiness turn my enjoyment into dread. 


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