Is the expansion behind schedule

Yes and No.


Based on how long we have been in Siege, I will agree.  Yes we are.  However, if you go by progress of a large portion of the player base then I think we may be pretty close to where we should be.  736787ee97e94ae905ba6c8488e260fb51151d3688138e10f463425335483d46


The expansion hit the ground running, we were all off to the races.  The first tier was out and over with at a fast pace, and then we were hurried to Thunder Island to battle Lei Shen, before many could blink, it was time to march on Garrosh.  Many of the people I know and play with every day, I feel never had a chance to get the gear drops needed to properly advance in a normal pace.  The content was released at a break neck speed.  Only now at the very end are they advancing and will more than likely have Garrosh down on normal prior to the end of the expansion.  I see many people everyday getting their first Legendary cloak, I see guilds advertizing for Flex raid teams, I see some looking to fill raid teams as they are getting started on Normal.  It does to me feel like the player base has caught up to where we should be.

I do hope that many lessons were learned.  We will jump in and do what ever is tossed at us when it is.  Some may burn through it since they were playing it in Beta testing, most need more time.  A toast to Warlords being Blizzards best expansion to date, may it be true.

Just please don’t bring back the Lich King for the next.  😛


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