Thoughts on the future of raiding for me in WoD


Ok, a bit dramatic.  Will I jump in to run LFR, sure, I will take the tourist mode for $200 Pat.  I will certainly jump in to help out the raid team if they need a body.  I will not however be one of those signing up every week to see the content that so much time and effort is put into.  It just does not appeal to me any more.

I am a dirty casual.

I do like the challenge of running in, wiping a few times to learn what to avoid and where to go.  For me Dragon Soul got it right, you learned some in LFR, and you could figure out what needed to be done for regular, took some tries, but you got it and advanced.  I no longer enjoy wiping dozens to hundreds of times because fights are designed for those few that demand the challenges, or running the same cleared content over and over for months on end.  Many complain about having to do dailies over and over, I complain about having to raid bosses over and over.  So you see, I am not demanding a pony or that you make raids easy enough for me to participate any more.  You have given me that with LFR.  Something I can run a few times to experience it, maybe get some gear that will give me a slight upper hand in exploring the world, and leave behind until the next Tier or Expansion.


That’s right.  I will not demand they tune Normal or Heroic raids with the average player in mind any longer.  Make Mythic as punishing as you want. Make them so when they open a door or step on a platform it’s a wipe.  Make it so Priests need to levitate parts of the raid so they hover over the floor of lava/poison/bad, and if they get hit and are grounded make it so they take 100k damage per second stacking.  LOL  Joking of course. Some may understand what I mean.  This whole mentality of make choices matter, life or death, put responsibility on the player.  So we can all point to the Hunter that popped Aspect of the fox on the pull.  >:)

There should be personal responsibility.  I have learned enough from reading class design changes over the years to get a feel for how the fights will be.  And from what I am seeing they will be high movement tough fights, because that is what those that raid all the time want.  I do not play their version of the game, nor they me, so I should not expect the game to change to suit me.  In the end it is my choice.  If I want to do that type of content, I need to adjust and learn to do it.  If I don’t have the desire to, then I have a whole world to explore and interact with, and my own kingdom to build and defend.




3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the future of raiding for me in WoD

  1. Extremely well said.

    But please, I have died enough to elevator bosses, don’t give them ideas about platforms of instant death. 😛


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