What comes after and the fate of Garrisons

This is all speculation and tin foil hatism.  Is Hatism a word?

I enjoy reading @Alternativechat’s blog.  I have similar views on the game, I may not fully agree 100% of the time, but even if I disagree, it is for such minor differences in opinion to not really matter that much.  I have loosely followed her reporting on Garrisons, I told myself I was not going to dive into the deep end of absorbing all the upcoming information, I want some surprise.  But to read even just the overall impressions, I do feel that Garrisons will be big.


We will spend 2 years developing our Garrison, we will recruit followers, they will inhabit our Garrison, they will hail us, interact with us, and share in our adventures and achievements.  They will become an integral part of our game play.  Inevitably we will become attached to them.  Will be proud when they level up and achieve things, shout in triumph when they head out on a mission and return with epic loot, we will become invested in not only the Garrison, but those NPC’s we have recruited.

But what then.  What about when Warlords is finally over, we have beaten back the Iron Horde, and we are off to fight another battle somewhere else.  Will the Garrison end up like this.


A ghost town.  A place we spent a good bit of time growing and developing and customizing to be our own unique place in the world.  I doubt any developers will ever read this, I can hope some may and have these thoughts in their mind as they begin moving on to their next project.

Find a way for us to take them with us.  Find a way for us to keep this experience.  I feel you are on to a great thing in the design of the game.  I have my fingers crossed it will be a huge success, I feel I may spend a great deal of time here.  Please don’t cast it all aside like so much older content.


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