THoughts on the Dungeon/Raid journal

The dungeon/raid journal is helpful.  It gives you an overview of what boss abilities are, and what you need to look out for.  I am sure for the more experienced raider/player interpreting this information, while reviewing videos of the fights, planning out strats for the raid team is a welcome addition.  For the more average player it can be a bit daunting.  You see damage numbers that seem so insane that you seriously reconsider even attempting a raid.  OMG he does 700,000 damage, I only had 650,000 I could never live through that.  What they may not realize is it is 700k split between the 3 closest, or some other variable.  You see certain things that “Have” to be interrupted, but are not sure if it is something you are able to do, you may even try once or twice, see the dreaded Immune notice, and figure it must be some other class.   It is so elaborate and general in its wording that many will give it a glance, and figure well, I will figure the fight out by doing.  And I will be the first to admit, I have done fights without reading through, ones where I am asked to jump in on something I have never done, or had any idea I would be doing.  Watching even point of view videos for your class can be misleading, why are they doing that?  My DPS is not that high, how are they able to do that?

What I would like to see is a class/spec filter for the fights.  I will use Shadow Priest terminology since I kind of know them best.  With descriptions more towards the spec in general, like boss will attempt to cast Blast of extreme hurt for 200,000 damage a sec for 5 seconds, this can be interrupted using Silence, Psychic Horror, or Psychic Scream.  Boss sends out walking bombs that must be CC’d, this can be accomplished with Void Tendrils, or Mindbender/Shadowfiend, using Fade will momentarily misdirect the add for 3 seconds, Psychic Horror or Scream will not work on these adds.  For something that needs to be soaked, using Dispersion will allow you to soak the damage from this blast, however timing is crucial.

I am sure there are many there at Blizzard that not only have an excellent grasp of the classes, but also how the classes need to react in a fight.  I don’t want to go so far as a here is how you do the fight step by step, or to a point where we go back to bring the class raid teams.  But knowing more in general the abilities that we may have at our disposal to battle a raid boss may offer many more insight in to abilities that they may not even have on their action bars.


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