Thoughts on Guild Leading

Read a very moving blog post this morning from @Alternativechat.  If you have not read it, or her blog in general, you should take a wander over.  Here

In my 5?  Wow, is it only 5? years of playing I have routinely found myself near the top in leadership in 4 guilds I have bee a part of.  I never actively sought out the position, I just seem to find myself stepping up when needed.  In the past I always resisted the encouragement to become a Guild Leader, I never really liked the term Guild Master.  I prefer leader, or perhaps that guy who herds cats.

armful of kittens

It is a position that takes you away from focusing on doing things for yourself. I am not complaining.  I love the people that have found their way to the guild, I have put as much of myself into the guild as any person might put time into being a Heroic Raider.  This guild was the first I found that felt like home.  A little over a year ago, we started losing the long time players, Cata saw many leave the game, some left the server, some went on to other guilds.  But slowly the Real Life boss was taking a toll.  At times we would see 10 people on, then 8, 5, to a point where my wife and I would log in on a Friday evening, to just the 2 of us.  So I asked the then GM if it would be ok to recruit some people, she gave the go ahead.  I had started a server Facebook group about a year prior.  I was always active on our server forums, so off I went, I added people from trade looking for a guild, I posted on the forums, I did all I could to spark some life back into the guild.  I probably added 35 people or so.  We were surviving.  The GM was on less and less, I wont speculate on the why or how come’s.  I made a choice to step up to run the guild.  I had read the Guild Leaders Handbook and I must say, it is a valuable book to read. It is not a glamorous job.  You have to deal with personality conflicts, you have to be the one to tell someone I am sorry you can’t join the raid because it is full, that drops what they are working on to talk to someone curious about the guild that is thinking of joining, so may jobs and tasks that are a part of everyday running of a guild.

I spent quite a bit of time reorganizing the guild ranks, the bank, cleaned up the guild web site, and went to work finding officers I knew I could trust.  I like to think I did a good job.  We are now after a year almost at the member cap, we have close to 500 unique accounts, we have a progression team 13/14 normal, which is more than I could have hoped for in a casual social guild, we have a second team working to get off the ground, as a guild we have accumulated over 2200 guild achievement points.  We have people that enjoy PvP, pet battle, and mostly at the late point in the expansion, we have people online.  Logging in on a Friday night to over 30 people online is a good thing.

I don’t know if I will ever step down.  I may at some point if I feel there is someone that has the desire to run it in a similar manner.  I joined the guild because of the basic core message.  We are Mom’s, Dad’s, kids in school, couples, singles, we are everyone.  Real life before WoW.  The game is here for us to have fun and enjoy.  It seems to be running pretty well, I have great people in officer positions, and even though I may put off doing things in game to do so, the happy feeling I get when I hear from someone our guild has a great reputation makes it all seem worth it.

My first posting for #Blaugust


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