Have you hugged your tank today?

It’s a Blaugust kind of day.


I was thinking on some things this morning. I had seen some talk about removing Hunter and Warlock tanking pets. I am sure there is a mentality that if we take them away more people will have to take on a tanking role, learn the spec, or just roll up a fresh one. And I think that is a problem right there. Some people don’t enjoy tanking any more. It has always been a necessary job. You had to have a tank and a healer. Scenarios were an experiment in content out of the normal group make up. You did not need a tank, or a healer, but you did need DPS. In my eyes, Scenarios were a bone tossed out to appease DPS from having to wait for long Queue’s. Get on the list for a Dungeon, or LFR, and in the mean time while you waited, run a Scenario or 3. It’s a band aid on a much larger issue. Tanking is hard. Aside from being the healer, it in my opinion is the most difficult job there is. They are in demand, they practically have instant groups when they want, and have a great responsibility. They need to know fights, need to be able to assign tasks, have to be on constant watch for a stray add, monitor stacks, an endless list of need to do. It is not something I could ever see myself doing, nor can I see myself in the role of a healer.

Now I am sure there are many that feel Tanking is not difficult enough, they are bored, many may feel it is fine, but I suspect that since early Cata, there is a growing number of those that just don’t want to do it anymore. I may be off base. Personally I think that too much is riding on the role. 24 people could be ready to go into a raid, and if they don’t have that 1 role, they sit, and wait, and ask friends, and in trade. Much of their evening of playing is held up by the lack of 1 person. The same is true for healers, except that the role is a bit more forgiving due to numbers. For any raid, 10, 25, Flex, you “HAVE” to have 2 Tanks.

It is too late to address the issue with Warlords, but now is the time, when the next expansion is in its early phases of development that the issue needs to be looked at. Either the problem with why people are no longer enjoying the role is investigated, or raiding and dungeons need to become more Scenario like with a looser group composition required. Or all classes are given a means to fill the role.


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