10 Years, 10 Questions

Grimoires of Supremacy!

As part of Alternative Chat’s 10 Years, 10 Questions project, I said I would write my answers in the form of a blog post. Why? Well, I can fit a lot more stuff in a blog post, and I haven’t updated in over a week because I’ve been camping in North Wales. The warlock changes in the two recent beta builds will be looked at soon, but for now, here’s my contribution to this awesome project, and I implore you to do the same!

1) Why did you start playing Warcraft?

Honestly, because it looked like fun. A few of my friends played it, they let me have a go, I killed a few kobolds, and I thought “yeah, this is pretty cool.” This was back in 2005.

Sadly, at the time my income was relatively low (I’m not exactly rolling in cash now, but I am way better…

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