So why haven’t I prepurchased WoD???

I ask myself this most every night when I sit down to the computer and see the desktop app notice it’s available now.  I am liking everything I am seeing, I will be buying it, but the incentive is not there for me.  A free boosted 90?  It’s a nice thing to offer but I am not an altaholic.  I have time to play 1. 

When you would get Diablo, and an invite to Beta but had to agree to a year, it was a no brainer.  I knew I would play for a year, and I loved D1 and D2, and ohhhh, Beta.  But in the end I got into the beta in almost the last group.  By then there was really nothing to try to find bugs about, report impressions, test things out.  Now come Warlords the only incentive is a 90.  Meh.  Even if they had said you can get into beta, I look at it as lesson learned.

So I will probably sign up a week before just to avoid any issues.  Once it is live, I will boost a long forgotten Alliance hunter, who will sit in the Dwarven district and still collect dust.


2 thoughts on “So why haven’t I prepurchased WoD???

  1. For myself I jumped in with both feet as soon as I could. After the last Blizzcon as it really got me pumped up for wanting the expansion so I even got a copy for a second account. Though one might have to go on hold dependent on the character changes.


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