Gaming Interuptions

We talked a bit last night in guild about these DDOS attacks against Blizzard and other companies.  It is a shame that a person or persons finds enjoyment in affecting the gaming time for millions of players just because they can.  I am sure if any of us knew the person(s) we would be giving them a smack upside the head for what they are doing.  They are not playing a minor prank any more.  Alluding to a bomb threat, whether they specifically mentioned it or worded it in a way to supposedly protect themselves from prosecution is irrelevant.  They either made it or know the person that did.  At the very least they are hinting that they did.

I was thinking of an analogy to describe what they are doing every night.  Basically they are the kid in the neighborhood sneaking into your driveway at night and letting air out of your tires.  Not completely, just enough that you have to take time everyday to hit a gas station to fill them up to get to work.  It is not a physical attack against you personally, however it doing damage to your personal property.  They may feel they are justified in what they are doing, may think that they are only targeting a few companies. What if what they are doing is bogging down a portal that is shared by a hospital and they cannot transmit data to other hospitals that could save lives.  Or what if inadvertently they cause a needed software update to a major network gets corrupted by their antics. 

They are seeking attention, and following them on Twitter, even to keep tabs on what they may be going to hit next, just feeds into them.  As far as I am concerned, Blizzard is doing an excellent job to keep us online.  So they have my support.  This person or persons will eventually be caught, they will probably get a small fine or a slap on the wrists and go back to doing it again to someone else.  Or as many are hoping, the federal government will make an example of them.  Regardless, in a short amount of time, someone will find out exactly the program they are using to do this, and come up with a means to block it.


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