Why act that way.

I did Tol Barad last night.  I occasionally jump in if I happen to see it is up. I always give it my best.  I don’t care if I die 100 times to one person, or if I am locked out and stunned by a well coordinated group.  I give it my best and keep trying until it’s over.  Last night we were the attackers, which can be a challenge if there is a decent defense, and last night there was.  Saw a few names I know that are decent PvP players, and when time ran out they had defended and were victorious.

What I did not expect was to be spit on, laughed at, and several other emotes directed specifically at me.  I’m an adult, I treat all other players as adults.  If you want to shut me down and kill me over and over because you are a more skilled player, I will /bow you when it is over.  If I defeat you many times during a fight I will /salute you for doing your best and trying.  If I wanted to be treated and mocked like that I would go learn to play League of Legends.

We all have choices in what we do in game.  If that is the way some people on our joint server want to play then I will go off and work on other things.  The reason I play on a PvE server is I can do all sorts of things and Not have to PvP unless I want to.  So I choose to just walk away.  You are the better player in PvP content, enjoy many empty victories because I choose to play with players I respect.




2 thoughts on “Why act that way.

  1. Having interacted with a lot of “hardcore” Pvpers over the years, I suspect it’s because winning isn’t enough. Just in case losing or dying isn’t that annoying they want to add a side order of humiliation and frustration because sometimes it makes winning easier. Some people afk, leave or just give up when confronted with a barrage of abuse. Of course it has the opposite effect on others. The problem is, it becomes a bad habit. I remember this annoying Mage who all sorts of abusive emotes macroed into his spells, I think he got to the point where he had forgotten he had them.

    When I was a fairly hardcore raider, we used to have lots of arguments about the place of emotes and other sorts of potential nastiness in PvP because the guild did a lot of it to unwind after raids. It used to annoy me that our Guildmaster was fixated on what people thought of the guild and how we conducted ourselves but had no issue with our army of rogues wandering around (was a PvP server) with their spit macros.

    I have mixed feelings about the place of emotes in PvP. I tend to always salute people who put up a good fight but it’s amazing the responses you get. One which tends to make my blood boil is /smell emote and I will repeatedly kill people for that one. However on the flip side, emotes can be used tactically in group combat. My husband/arena partner used /chicken to great advantage when peeling for my Priest in battlegrounds because the average Orc warrior who was so set on smacking my face in for daring to heal would suddenly decide that the Gnome dancing around emoting was priority target number one. It was never personal, just to see if he could get them to change target to make my life easier and odds on, especially if they had emoted anything abusive themselves, they would.

    On the whole though I’d argue that the game might be a better place if certain emotes like /smell and /spit were removed entirely. WoW needs more /love. You can prevent your interface from showing emotes but I refuse to do that because I’d miss out on the nice ones, the /hugs, the /flirts and stuff but it is doable. However that doesn’t fix the mindset of people who do it to be obnoxious, i.e.emoting over someone’s corpse, rogues spitting from stealth etc, that said I’m not sure how you fix that.


    1. I agree. Compliment your opponent, switch over and tell them hey that was me in there, you got me good. Or damn man, you almost had me a few times. Guarantee they will be back in there again to try to get you again.

      Right now, I have no desire to go back in there if that is the way even a small number of people want to behave.


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