Borean Tundra, the server and Gear

We have a server Facebook group.  This was posted the other day.

Borean Tundra is tops when it comes to people. Even old school folks flock(ed) to BT, still do. I can not speak highly of everyone, but for most. Many of us have traveled, experienced other realms, but Always come back to BT. I would like to thank all for so much fun, and apologize for my drunken nights

And that is dead on the money.  We may not be the top for progression, we may not have hundreds of raiding guilds, or multiple teams competing for Gladiator titles.  We have great people.  People of all ages, all walks of life that love to play WoW in a manner they enjoy.  I do feel that quite a few of us do believe, Real Life before WoW.  We all have jobs, familiy, school.  We love the game, and for the most part the majority of us enjoy each others company, even have mutual respect for those of other factions.  We are a diamond in the rough. 

I can get defensive at time when I read comments from people that criticize how we may do things as a guild or even as a server.  We are all here to have fun playing a game.  We do our own thing.  It is difficult to explain some times to people that may be on more progression oriented servers where they have hundreds of guilds running heroic content that it is different for us.  We, Fates Call, are working on Garrosh normal now.  We do not have it on farm, we do not run pug groups or sell runs, we are working on getting our first Guild kill.  There are many guilds on our joint server with Shadowsong in the same boat.  We don’t burn ourselves out on bleeding edge content, sell a few runs then go take a break to play other games, we are here everyday doing all sorts of things in the game.  We are trying to have fun.  Many of us work very hard to acquire gear so that we can step into a raid and do well, we do not have the luxury of time to wipe hundreds of times to see a piece of gear drop for a class not even in the raid group.  We cannot afford to buy super high end BoE drops that we know will be replaced in less than 3 months.  We do want to get into the raiding scene and do well, but we also want to have fun doing it.  When it becomes a job, then it is not playing to have fun and relax with friends, it is becoming a second job.

So I am sorry if I want to champion being able to get gear through alternate means, even if it takes me twice as long as it would if I raided 9 hours a week.  I do not raid to get gear to raid to get gear to raid to get best in slot in every slot.  I acquire gear how ever I can, so that if I do step into a normal raid, that I can do well, and do not feel like I am being carried by the rest of the group.  Warlords is going to be a whole new experience for everyone.  Many changes, especially in how we can get those sought after upgrades to our Dungeon Blues.  We all work hard to get to max level, we all work hard to become powerful characters.  Please do not take offense because we do not want to play the game in the same manner as you, we have just learned how to do things differently and we like it.


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