Live 4 Love, Love 2 Live

Taking a second to give credit for the title of this post to @Ghemithunts.  While he may not have suggested the exact name, the blog title is attributable to him.

What is love.

1.  an intense feeling of deep affection.
2.  a person or thing that one loves.

There is so much hatred in the world.  It surrounds us every day, and it permeates our lives.  So why do we give it more life by allowing it to cloud our interactions with people every day.  Just like frowning requires more muscles than a smile, Allowing hate to cloud what we say to people requires more of us emotionally than to be kind.  I am sure there are things in all of our lives that have been traumatic and hurt us all to the core of our being.  And because of these things that have happened to us in our lives, we at times allow that pain to ignite into a roaring flame of anger and hatred directed to another person, persons, or thing.  What we may not realize is that there are others that have experienced similar things, or perhaps have had much worse perpetrated on to them or someone close to them.  People use phrases everyday that they feel no remorse about using, Saying things like I hope you get Cancer.  Maybe they have, maybe they have lost family members to the disease, Saying things like that is so Aide’s, I am certain there are many that have lost friends and family.  The words we use can cut as deep as any knife to a person, whether they are directed at them or not.  People may read what you say everyday.

One thing I have noticed, because I to chose to not just react to people and what they say, I try to listen, is that we are everything in our little community of gamers. We are all walks of life.  If you singled out any one group of people in the world I am fairly sure you would be able to find a person or 20 that has a story to tell.  Many feel a need to champion a cause, to brush all others opinions and feelings aside because their cause of the week is important to them.  It is wonderful that people can feel so strongly about something, but when you lash out at others and allow your hatred of those that do not fully agree, you do more damage to your cause than any opposing group.

Respect that others may have a different opinion than you.  Discuss things with them rationally, be respectful, show compassion, as bad as some thing in your life may have been, perhaps they have had something similar or were a victim in another manner.  If they choose to take a defensive stance maybe there is a reason, maybe they are currently experiencing that which you are demanding others take notice of and it is painful for them to read everyday.  How we communicate with people using the written word is often subject to interpretation.  How many times has someone made a nervous joke about something to have many jump on the joke as them stating a fact, and dragged them through the mud for it.  Unless you are a close personal friend or family member to a person, you do not know their life, what they may deal with on a daily basis, depression, anxiety, abuse, the list is endless.

Taking a stand that what you say is right and everyone else is wrong is not a way to live.  Being respectful of others, talking about what it is that has shaped who you are as a person, explaining with compassion about why something is important to acknowledge and having a healthy discussion will shed more light on a subject than any shouting match.

We need to live with more love in our hearts, we need to live for love.  Without it we are left with hate and anger.  When we learn to Love things more, be it a person, a job, a game we play, a special memory that gives us joy, then we will learn that in showing compassion and love, we will learn to live.

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