My short sojourn into the PTR

So I spent a little time in the PTR last night, not to get a head start in planning the rush to 100 or scope things out.  I went in there to get a feel for what changes will mean to me.  The stat squish is very unsettling.  Even on Marathal who in his 572 gear had less than 97,000 health compared to his normal 712,000. But I know that everything got a squish.  So off to TImeless Isle I went.  I have a very good feel for how powerful I am there, what creatures give me difficulty, which require small pulls.  And I destroyed them.  The big rock guys that seem to know exactly where to throw a boulder?  Yawn. Solo killed with several Tigers wanting a piece of me keeping me stunned.  Frogs? more like Frog legs they dropped fast.  My numbers seemed reduced but I know in comparison to health pools I was performing much better than currently.

So back to town to give a look at fighting the Iron Horde.  Now this was interesting, while they still we level 90 creatures I was hitting them a lot softer, damage was lower than on Timeless, noticeably so, single target kills were still not all that hard, but 2 or more was challenging. Coming out of a building into a large group that had respawned was almost the death of me, normally using Divine Star as a DPS/Healing rotation tripped me up with the healing being removed, not having renew, yeah we Shadowpriests still have Prayer of Mending but not much help by yourself.  Fortunately we do have a new big heal, 20% but with a 2 minute cool down I may have to pay closer attention to how fast I proceed alone in the world.

All in all, I felt more powerful.


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