where I try to decide what to do about Warlords

still more than a month away from the expansion and it would seem about 11 days from now the long anticipated patch 6.02 we have been desperately wanting.  I still don’t know what to do about Warlords, initially it seemed like just having 2 at max level would be fine for running a Garrison, where I could still play my one main and just have Alt #1 hang out and send guys out on missions.  Now it seems to be leading towards having many, and I do not know how I feel about this.  We all saw the fallout in Mists with having things for people to do on all of their toons, they did all of the rep dailies multiple times, they had armies logged in at Halfhill farming everyday. Yes there was always the Caveat “you don’t HAVE to do it on all of your characters” but do it people did.  I know people with 14 max levels, and by the time Warlords is complete I am sure they will have many more.  Myself?  I have actually deleted a few.  I do not play them, they are not even bank toons, so why even have them.  I am a 1 character player, I am sure I am not alone.

I have held off doing research on the expansion, and I am now getting a bad feeling that those people that have been in beta for 5 months now experiencing it all, will be right out the gate quickly breezing through zones and content all in a race to 100.  And I don’t know if I want to do that again.  I did it in Cata, I did it for MoP, and I find myself wondering why.  Why rush through every zone pushing forward to get things established, get those crafting patterns, unlock those daily quest hubs, go go go.  I see people just hitting 90 on their first, people just getting in to Pandaria, even people with characters that have yet to hit 85.  Why should the race to win and be first be the driving force behind the game, why can’t the experience of playing at your own speed be more enjoyable.

I don’t honestly know.  I will probably order our first expansion this weekend for one of our accounts.  Mine will be in a few weeks.  There is no rush for me, I really don’t need another level 90.


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