Is the Beta revealing too much.

A comment was made in reference to new players starting to play WoW and that if the information was not easily available in the game it was bad design. Or something to that effect.

And it got me wondering. Are we finding out too much about what is coming from those fortunate enough to get an invite that also produce the guides that we gravitate to for hidden secrets or tips about what we are supposed to do. When I started, about all I knew was how to look up quests from 6 months of doing so for my wife as she leveled her first character. It was all unknown and it took time to figure out.

Now we have a fairly good grasp on not only what changes may come to the way we play our class but we have folks that have plotted out the fastest route to complete all of the quests, people that have done research on rare creatures in the world, and I am sure there are videos spelling out exactly what we need to do in not only the dungeons but also the initial raids.

There is no exploring the unknown any more. By the time the expansion launches anyone with a general idea how to look for the information will know where to go, who has published guides for what features, what locations we need to look for quest items. And it is actually a bit disheartening that so much of the first 6 months we will play is already known. So I am backing away from looking at things and talking about it. I am going in with what little knowledge I got when I spent an hour on the PTR which in hindsight is now kind of a let down because I am just going to breeze through it with thousands of others.

Maybe it is time for a hard look at how the beta is handled.


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