This is the final entry in this blog.  @Marathal is no more, and won’t be back.  I did not think all that I had said in the previous posting was controversial, but apparently touched a nerve on a lot of people.  I never intended it to create the fight it did between people.  But in the end I saw what some people truly felt once I had deactivated the account.  I still do have a personal Twitter, and I have a few people that I know and respect on there.



8 thoughts on “Fin

  1. I’m sorry, Marathal–you’ve always been one of my favorite Tweeters, always kind and uplifting. I’ll have to pop into the guild more often to say hi.


  2. I am sorry the actions of some…juvenile…individuals drove you from Twitter. It is not your fault other people are unpleasant and ill behaved, and their actions are far more a reflection on their failings as human beings than anything else.

    Your presence in my feed will be missed.


  3. Mara, so sorry to see that you felt uncomfortable enough to leave Twitter. I think that there was a huge misinterpretation of your blog post. I do not feel as if you were encouraging Blizzard to hand items to folks without work, but simply that they should be able to continue working toward their objective without artificial deadlines. I am confident that Blizzard has the capability to encourage teams to continue to work toward goals without this “deadline” mentality, and that it would be a more encouraging, positive, expansive (and financially successful) way to approach their player community. Hope to see you in-game at some point!

    Goldslipper@BkfstinMG, posting from my blog id, I guess 🙂


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