No, it is not all right

Something happened last night.  Millions of players made a last ditch effort to get the ahead of the curve achievement for killing normal Garrosh and to get the mount.  I am certain many did get it, either they were in a guild group and got it finally after a year, or they had an opportunity to get in with a friend, or they used Open Raid or the in game group finder to find a pick up group, or they paid upwards of 50,000 gold or more to get it.  Many did get it, but many more did not.  And that is not right.  There are people that have been working on Siege for almost a year that have been there every week, slowly downing the bosses first in LFR, then Flex and then Normal.  They are the players worthy of having the title and achievement.  I am not saying that those that got it sooner deserve it less, or that you should get it because you logged in on the 3rd Monday of a certain month.  I am saying that many did put in the work, many did try their best week after week, and in the end they did not get it.  Could they have farmed the AH for months and just paid a group to carry them?  Certainly, but does that make the mount more special to those that have had it for months?  It is a collection of pixels that many wont even use after a time.

I was fortunate, I had a friend invite me to a group several weeks in a row and I got mine a month ago, but I do not feel right wearing the title or using the mount, so later today, to show support of those that worked so hard but did not finally get it, I will be taking off the title, and taking the mount off my action bar, never to be used again.  I do not think it is right or fair to all those that worked so hard.

If you want to keep pushing people to move forward, sometimes you have to give them a reason to want to go back.


6 thoughts on “No, it is not all right

  1. I agree – I have been behind the curve coming back to WoW – starting from ground zero in November of last year. I paid for a carry for Garry (hey that rhymes) because I’m a mount nut – but I worked through it – I didn’t just stand there. That in my mind makes it not a ‘carry’, but a pay to play. I won’t be doing it again. I don’t think the mount should be removed from the game – or the title honestly. I think those who got the title before today should get a feat of strength achievement rather than have a title that anyone that comes after would never get. I’m not sure, but I don’t believe they’ve done that with any other raid tier.


  2. I waited 10 months while those in guild worked hard every week, boss after boss, they were finally on Garrosh 4 weeks ago, after 2 weeks and the patch coming they stopped, and all went to find groups to get it down for the mount a few people ended up in group after group that could not do it, and in the end, the server shut down and that was it. And that is wrong in my mind. All of the comments “Put in the work” “Do better next time” “You had a year” just make me so sad about raiding in general. Sorry you are not on a server with hundred of guilds farming content, or you work nights and have no opportunity to raid with those in your guild, or any number of reasons. Be happy you got to see it on LFR. Every expansion prior to this final tier you could always go back, do it solo, or with a group, taking the reason to want to do it out of the game because you did not have enough time to get it done is not going to get people to continue running the content, they will just give up and either move to the next or like myself, just not want to even bother any more. And if it is the way I feel, then certainly there are thousands of others that do also. In the end if the mount was just a random drop, or required completing many crazy achievements then I think it would not be an issue.


  3. That is a shame.. I may not play WoW anymore but I know I would be one of those people who try to get the mount in the future expansion as my old guild would have struggled to get that far. So, disappointed to lose the chance when I return to WoW for WoD.


    1. yeah. If it was still there many would still have a desire to finish up Siege this last 4 weeks. But some feel there was plenty of time.


  4. I totally agree. Tying the mount to an in-before achievement is just wrong. I don’t mind the title, because there are so many titles out there, but people love collecting, and the mount should NOT have been tied to the achievement. All that did was create drama for many people who, heretofore, were having a good time.

    We ended up making a Sunday team which got us TO Garrosh, then I did and Open Raid, which got a bunch of people the mount. I did not charge for this either. And no one was carried. Everyone who had a part to play in answering the mechanics did their job, whether or not this was the first time they saw Garrosh.

    Personally, I thought Blizzard learned their lesson with the Naxx Drake. I guess I was wrong.


    1. yeah, I had forgotten about Naxx. They should have made it part of a meta achievement. And hats off to you for stepping up to help people get it. /salute


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