Who, or rather what was Marathal

Marathal was me. He was no different than I am in real life.  I created his Twitter account almost 4 years ago when not many in the WoW community were there.  Or at least it did not feel like it at the time.  I use to follow anyone I ran across that played WoW, I searched for people that played on my server, and over time seemed to always be near the cap of following 2000.  If I had broken the 2000 followers cap, I would have followed even more.  I loved playing WoW and talking about it everyday.  At the end I believe I had over 27,000 tweets, and over 1500 people followed me, I still don’t understand why, had 2 blogs, one of which I deleted by accident and the other Rambling thoughts.  I was no one special, was not some top 100 raider in a world first guild.  I always knew that how I played the game was not the same as those at the top of the game.  I respected their level of skill, and respect those few that took the time to help others having trouble.

For a short time at the end of the sites existence I was a moderator on Shadowpriest.com.  I did not have the job because I was super knowledgeable, only that a call was put out for someone that was there every day to step up to handle the day to day moderating, since so many others had left.  It was not a hard job, splitting off requests for help when people replied to others requests, watching for the spammers, and just trying my best to steer people in the right direction or to answer questions that I had the knowledge to answer.  The whole reason I even knew of the site, was because 2 people once helped me.  I had no clue how to play Shadow to its full potential, what I knew, I knew from reading Fox Van Allen’s WoW Insider blog, which I do sorely miss.  They helped me and steered me to the site so that I could read up and get a better understanding of why certain things are done in a certain way.  So thank you Ali and Mandarb, you both showed me that other side of the game I had never experienced.  I lived there for over 2 years commenting when I could help, messaging privately to those new to the class that got a L2P kind of response to a question.  I was there at the end.  The one who posted there, on WoW’s forums, and MMO-Champion, that everyone should go to How to Priest.  The majority of those that had the knowledge were there, so it felt like the right thing to do.  And that was the end of my time helping out those new players with questions.  The class has gotten so far beyond my understanding and level of skill, I no longer feel comfortable offering anything more than basic advice.  And that does not feel right to me somehow.  We are playing in a world where we allow web sites or add on programs to figure things out for us.  The intuitiveness and feel for playing is being placed in a computers hands, all we do now is press buttons in an order that we are told to.

I am a casual player.  I have a full time job, I am up at 5am, and get home after 5pm, sometimes later.  I try my best to run a large Social/Casual guild that does raid and was 13/14 normal Siege, and working on Garrosh, I spend time talking about WoW on Twitter, time in our server Facebook group, even actually play sometimes.  I do not focus on one part of the game, I try to play it all, if I do not like it, I will give it a chance, will even try again after some time to see if it’s different.  I am a player of all, master of none.

A few things that have always bothered me are, those that would bash our server, “this server sucks, I’m going elsewhere”, those that treat new players like they have no value, “ROFL L2P newb, go play Hello Kitty MMO”, and those that feel that unless you are pushing heroic 25 raiding, you are a Casual bad and not really a raider.  I know people that due to their real life schedules the most they can hope for is LFR, and I have seen them with close to 100 LFR kills on a boss.  Now in my mind, that is truly a raider, someone that wants to see the content so much, they are willing to run in the toxic environment of LFR week after week.  Flex may have helped them some with more opportunities to play with others in different time zones, even the like of Oqueue and Open raid.  The point being that regardless of the level of difficulty they are raiding.  Not just sitting around spamming trade with X-box jokes complaining the game is too easy.  They are people, not just a bunch of pixels you interact with, real flesh and blood people.

I had the Marathal Twitter to be there every day, talking about WoW, showing that yes there are others that play WoW different than many, and yes we are nice people too.  To share my views on how I saw the game, and just to make new friends, which I made many.  Because once you strip away all the raids, all the quests, all of the bosses, the one thing left are the people that play every day.  They are our friends, our enemies, those we salute with respect, those we congratulate for getting their first dungeon achievement, their first raid, first PvP kill.  They are the ones there every day playing as best they can, from the Mom/Dad that sneaks in an hour or two a week after the kids are in bed still not done maxing their first character, the teenager that got the game for Christmas last year without a clue what they are doing but amazed at the scope of the world we play in, the gentleman/lady in their 60’s and 70’s that have been gamers since Pong was cutting edge, all the way up to those that play and compete at professional levels.  Behind it all we are people.  With flaws and anxieties, and disabilities, and real life issues.  We are all not perfect, world class level players, but we are here, and I was honored to have gotten to know many of you.

There comes a time when you just cannot take it any more.  When there is a point where you just have to say, I have had enough.  You win.  You are the Mine-O-Saur with all of the toys and snacks, and just walk away.  I have many times in the past considered just taking a break, but always came back, tried to present different points of view.  But Tuesday was that point.  Seeing comments made to others, taking what I was trying to say out of context, blowing it up into an argument that I was asking for everything to be given to me.  It was the point where I said, that’s it.  And deactivated @Marathal and once WoD is released he will be gone forever.

So I have my personal Twitter account, I have followed those that I want to keep in touch with, and some more that I enjoy reading what they say and how they say it.  And that is it.  Thanks for reading and hope this make some sense.


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