I’m sorry you did not fit in.

It really pains me to have to write this, but I guess it is necessary.  I know you may never read this, or if you do will misinterpret it into something against you.

I’m sorry you did not fit in.  You use to play alliance but when many of the people you played with left the realm and a few faction changed you switched.  You made your own guild, you wanted to PvP on a predominantly PvE server, one of your friends joined our guild and then so did you.  You would spend time on your character in our guild complaining that growing your guild was hard, that because it was not a level 25 no one would join, I tried explaining that you needed to work at it and be there.  You asked for more PvP events, I explained that we did not have many interested, you felt I was bashing PvP, that was not true, we had a few that were interested, but not many, you placed creating something you were interested in doing in my hands to make happen, and I couldn’t.  Telling me to make ranks for PvP and people will do it.  When I explained that we are, and always have been predominately a PvE guild you wanted to hear none of it.  Myself and others tried to help you with gear, reforging advice, gems, enchants, you never used half of what was sent, would complain other classes were OP, and your DPS was bad because of poor design by Blizzard, you would come into the raid channel in vent when not in the raid to complain about some issue bothering you.  Once we had an officers meeting and were in an officer channel you thought we were there ignoring you, despite telling you otherwise.  You would even come into the guild vent when you were on characters in your own guild to talk to people.  Eventually some could not take the constant talk of things being broken, the server sucked, the game sucked, bring back 40 man raids, original WoW was better than this crap, eventually you felt the guild sucked and that people were in cliques and that some officers were rude, and finally left.  You left the server on some characters to start someplace new.  Yet seem to come back looking for reasons to say it is toxic and continually bash those that at one time tried to help you.

I am sorry you did not fit in, you took a step to find some place to start new, please don’t continue to look back on what was to you a bad experience, and try to move forward.


4 thoughts on “I’m sorry you did not fit in.

  1. Very well done. I truly like your advice at the end – to look forward, stop dwelling in the past.

    Too bad, the person couldn’t understand about pvp on a pve. I myself have never understood why someone would not go to a pvp server for that. But oh well, different strokes for different folks. 🙂

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