Pat I will take 3 achievments for 100 gold please


What is To the Afterlife?

Normally I would look at a new holiday event as something to just knock out right then to keep current on having all of them done.  But after taking a quick read on it, I have said no.  No thank you, I will keep my 100 gold.  You see, like anything else, it does not take us, as a player base very long to find ways to exploit the game.  Apparently people have found out ways to quickly complete the achievement by forming a raid group and heading into SoO, and letting each other kill ourselves 3 times collect your achievements and go.  Others have found ways to farm Halaa battle tokens, and to me that just feels wrong on so many levels for something just implemented into the game.  Yes, I will go back and complete older raid ones at levels far beyond the original appropriate level.  Yes I will endlessly farm rep for factions long forgotten at max level, but No, I will not buy something that can be completed in less than 5 minutes.  I hope that next year they have given some thought to ways this was exploited and make it at least a tiny bit difficult to achieve.  But for the moment, I am saying no than you.


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