What to do, what to do.

10 days until Warlords, and I do not have a clue what I will do with my main.

I have another blog ready to work on a boosted character, Alt #2, that will venture out of the starting gate and not use a Garrison, just to see how needed it is or how difficult it may be to avoid it.  So there is that.  Alt #1 will head in and get his Garrison up and running, and hang out to see what progress you can make going it Garrison only, and then there is Marathal.

The character I have played near exclusively since August of 2009.  In Wrath I knew nothing, going into Cataclysm I had all sorts of grand idea’s things I would do and try, but never did, in Mists, I had other ideas, and hit the ground running, only to realize the race to keep up was not enjoyable, always feeling like I was weeks behind, catching up, only to have a new tier drop.  One big difference was being able to take a peak into the open beta to see what would I be like at max level, will I be fun to play.  And this time, I have no clue. I do not know if PvP will excite me with Ashran, no idea if I will be able to do well in Challenge modes, or the Proving grounds, no clue if I will want to explore every hidden valley or cave, no idea if I will want to get back up on that raiding horse again.  I know nothing except for what I have read, it all looks great on the surface, but will I like it.  Will I enjoy playing my one main.

PC issues may arise, in Cata I had to invest in a new PC, it has done an admirable job for 4 years, now it may not be enough, many say just go build a new one, or upgrade what you currently have, unfortunately that is not something I can justify financially right now.  So I am faced with spending $50 on a gamble that I will be able to play with a reasonable frame rate.  I will be happy if I can keep my 24 FPS, will dread times when it drops sub 10, and if lower it may exclude me from doing a great deal of content.  The thought that I may have to work my way slower through the expansion than my friends is a somber thought.  They will all take days off from work, get to max level quickly, will be into Heroic Dungeons and eventually Raids long before me.  And that is another of many issues I am faced with looking ahead.  The bonus money from people doing quests and just general content will be gone, will I need to shut off guild repairs, will we burn through limited stock piles of gems and enchant materials as people quickly gear up, will we be faced with having 23 people wanting to raid Mythic and having to tell 3 I am sorry.  So many things clouding my mind, telling me you should just call it.  It was a great 5+ years, time to move on.  And yet, I want to see it all, try it all, be there in 10 years or more when we hit level 150 or higher, when we are as powerful as the Old Gods.

Having early access to a game in Beta testing has made the choice for me in trying new games out, but when it comes to WoW, where I have years invested, not knowing is a strange thing.  I don’t know what I will do in Draenor, but do something I will.

Guess I will see many of you on the other side.



One thought on “What to do, what to do.

  1. Reblogged this on WoW- Journal von Nomadenseele and commented:
    Mir geht es genauso. In kein Addon bin ich so reingestolpert, wie ich es mit WoD tun werde. Normalerweise wäre es logisch, dass Elfie die Lokomotive für Wintersonne und Hurryia (soll ich sie eigentlich boosten) macht. Noma hat nur Alchemie zu bieten, ist also eher unwichtig und wird erst langfristig wieder zum Main werden. Aber sind Farmberufe mit der Garnison noch notwenig? Soll ich noch irgendeinen Char boosten, soll ich meine Kontozeit überhaupt noch einmal verlängern? Ich bin noch nie so ratlos gewesen, wie dieses Mal.


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