The End Game???

I was thinking this morning.  I don’t play for the “End Game”. There really isn’t an end game per say.  Certainly there is an end to the expansion we may be currently playing, but the game always continues on.  In reality there will never be a true “End Game” until hopefully many years from now Blizzard says that this will be the last.  So why should I burn myself out, make myself frustrated when I cannot keep pace with others.  Certainly there are many that would say my getting to level 100 as fast as I did makes me a hard core player, just as there are many that have the opinion that not playing 24 hours straight to be one of the first to level cap makes me a casual player.  It really does not matter when you get to see the content, only that you give it a try and see it at some point, whether it is in the first weeks of release or a year or more later.

So I will try to not beat myself up because I have more trouble with some aspects than others, and I won’t try to hold others to the level that I play at.  There is something for everyone, so I am going to play the game at a speed that makes me happy and wanting to log in.


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