It is a bit overwhelming

It is such a short time into the expansion and I am overwhelmed with how much there is to be done.  And personally I feel they, Blizzard, missed the mark on this one.  They took our comments about daily quests and gave them a new look in a way, they are not necessarily tied into factions we need reputation with, but they permeate our Garrisons, we have an official blue solo or group for Apexis crystals, we have them in our Stables, in the Inn, the Fishing Shack, the Pet one, which, I wont do because I never got into pet battles, and also locks out completing certain Garrison achievements to me BTW, and they are not exactly required to do.  But They sit there on our map, hovering over that NPC giving you a side eye, saying things like “Got those plans for you right here boss, when you have time”  But we don’t have time.

OK, I get it, ground travel was to make us interact with the world, was meant to show it is a dangerous place, that we should have to fight to get things done.  And I initially was ok with it, but even in the short amount of time I have been in the expansion, I want my flying back so that I can get these quests done and move on to doing new things.  Do you know how frustrating it is to have to spend 20 minutes or more taking a flight plan to the closest point you can get, then riding though level 100 mobs fighting the whole way just to do 1 simple quest?  Or worse getting near your objective only to find it is on the other side of a mountain and you have no idea if going North or South will have a cut through, or is there a tunnel? Is it in a cave? I am now starting to either not take quests, or I am abandoning them rather than spend what little time I have riding around in search of a way to get to it.

Let’s talk a second about Treasures.  OMG.  Guys, please.  Did someone find an Xhibit meme about Treasures on Timeless Isle funny?  Yo Dawg, we heard you liked Treasures so we gave you Treasures on your Treasures.  They are every where, hundreds of them, you can’t go 400 yards without there being one.  There is even an add on to help you find them.  Yeah, they have neat stuff, and Garrison resources, but wow.  Little over the top there.

Which brings me to my point.  Everything so far has been over the top.  Any minor thing we liked to do, is now a major feature that we feel compelled to do and it is overwhelming in its scope.  I find myself logging in at 6am, just to knock out the routine Garrison stuff and send followers out on missions and to clear the mine.  I feel like I will be behind if I put it off until the evening.  Having all of our professions tied into the Garrisons exclusively is bad.   I know you want us to use them, to see all the fun stuff available, but it is too much.  Have you not learned anything in the last 4 years?  If you give us things to do we will do them, and if we cannot do them we will rage and complain.  Just like I am doing right now.  There is so much available to work on for anyone’s taste but it is all tied in to where you feel you need to do all of it or fall behind.

You had a nice surge in subscriptions, and many are lauding you with compliments on a job well done.  But you may lose people like me that finally say I have had enough and cannot keep up the pace required.  As it is, I cannot, due to not having PG silver, nor will I, since I have heard nothing but horror stories on groups falling apart in Heroics once the daily objective is achieved, run Heroic Dungeons.  I suspect I may even only run LFR one time through.  Not for gear, but just to see it.  You have created a wonderful game, but you are making me too stressed to even want to play.


4 thoughts on “It is a bit overwhelming

  1. I have a new daily for you. Leave an alt on Pandaria. Log into them first each day then click on a nearby npc until you hear them telling you to slow down. It is incredibly relaxing.The system does need some sort of soft throttling.


    1. Been thinking about it too, that many were in Beta for months and had seen and experienced a great deal, which allowed for a more informed relaxed launch. They had an idea of what they wanted to work on and knowledge of the most efficient ways to do it. People like me who tried to keep some hidden as a surprise are faced with as you pointed out. Quests on quests. And with primary professions tied in to doing a daily chore and having to farm mountains of materials it feels like to much to handle in a short time before moving to new content.


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