Am I a touch frustrated?

Yes. I think I can say that overall I am. I am certain at the beginning of any game when there are changes there are certainly things that will have a certain amount of annoyance to anyone use to things being a certain way. For me since I like to try so much and not focus on one or two things exclusively all of those little frustrations tend to stack up and become unmanageable at times. Especially as we have had more and more content added.

I am going to preface this all with the fact that I have never had an army of Alt’s. the one I have that I am somewhat ok with having is the same class as my main. He is just my go to Glyph guy. So tends to get slowly leveled when I truly need something and prices are too insane. Or if I need a break. Alt #2 is a Death Knight that has taken me near 5 years to get to level 74 by flying around every so often to mine to help people with Ore. Beyond they they are low level bank alt’s of classes tried but not enjoyed.

Professions. You don’t HAVE to have a garrison. That is technically correct. I have found the vendor in Warsong or what ever the Alliance counterpart is, and for 95 gold purchased the book to start learning Draenor recipes. I can get credit to purchase recipes once a day with a quick daily cool down and much like Cata with a twist, buy the best recipes every 5 days. Now I do fault myself and Blizzard in the delay I had to this Alt finding it out. I have sat for near 3 weeks at level 91 in the earliest stage of a Garrison with just a Barracks trying to figure when to find the time to start questing him to level 100 and to unlock his professions. Thanks to a tip from a Guildy who suggested that maybe there was a vendor next to the Ashran trainer he is now on his way, WITHOUT a garrioson. I do have 4 followers but sorry to say they will now most likely end up inactive as I only log in long enough to do his daily research. Now this is completely new for many. For all the years I have played you went to your trainer first off to get your first intro recipe to the new stuff then went about raising it up coming back every so often to learn more. Personally I would have had the initial book at the trainer. With a short speech leading you over to the vendor. So many people have told me you get the book after a certain quest is done, or you need level 92. So yes. The correct information is lacking there. Many feel the requirement is there to take the garrison and that it is needed.

Now initially my first thought was OMG 100 of X item? Are they insane? Gear will take forever. But the reality is it does not. So far I have managed to make and sell a 30 slot bag, 1 piece of gear for myself to get over 615, more on that later, and got my 3rd 100 last night and was able to make back armor for a person so they could get in on their guilds first night of raiding. So closing out this, yes to them not being required but yes to them being necessary to needing them to be efficient in their use.

Dallies Dallies, Dallies.
They are there. There is no sugar coating it by making it yellow. It is some part of the game you will do once a day in order to get something in return. Be it the quests from the Inn to go do something in a dungeon for a reward, or taking your mounts in training out somewhere for a set length of time, to even that blue one in your main hall by the door so you cannot overlook it, and even with its own NPC letting you know it’s there. The Apexis daily. There are a lot of out door tasks to accomplish that feel necessary in order to keep up. And unless you put the brakes on and say flat out “NO”. I am not going down that road again you will feel the addiction to do them, and keep doing them always moving on like Pavlov’s dog. Task reward, task reward. It is learned behavior. And when we get frustrated we will growl and bite. I am slowly breaking the habit. I should not be finding myself taking 15 minutes before leaving for work to do the gathering at reset, to send out my army on missions. My game time is in the evening for about 3 hours a night. And looking at even that time commitment it seems like it is becoming a second 21+ hour a week part time job. And it should not be. So I am trying to focus on less and the rest will have to wait.

An observation if you will. Not everyone had an opportunity to lay on the Beta for several months experiencing content as it was placed into the game. We may have read up on the tidbits and hints showed to us by Blizzard, but we did not have an opportunity to experience new things to do while still involved with the final tier of Mists and its normal play. We were stuck in a content drought that even by their own admission went far to long. So when we finally got in it was like giving a person starving the keys to the buffet room and letting the have all they wanted. Myself, and I am sure others started eating, trying bits here and there, constantly trying all this great stuff laid out before us only to realize we were stuffing ourselves and getting sick from it.

So like anything. Having anything in moderation is good. Trying to gorge yourself because it is all there for you for the taking will only lead to trouble.

Now Proving Grounds.
Oh how I hate your demeaning existence. You are keeping me from seeing more of the game. Are you needed? Probably. I am certain there are many that race to level cap, do REcruit a Friend and find themselves maxed without a clue, or even boosted to 90 with no idea. Yes you are needed to help people. But you are now a gate set in place to not only lock out those completely with no idea how to play, but also those who may not like to play in the manner a developer feels a class should be played. There are so many variations of DPS they have tried to design around that invariably some will find getting that Silver or Gold or Endless 30 to be easy, and others that will hit a road block running out of time because a CC was cast a second too soon, or an interrupt is missed. The fights are so scripted I am certain someone cloud probably write nod entire rotation and sequence to get anyone through. It is like the old arcade game Space Ace. Learn the required movements and actions and advance to next level. It is not helping you play or learn your class. It is an exercise in memorization and picking the talents that guides spell out. Playing your class should be intuitive. Not reactionary.

Now it is still unknown to me if come Tuesday I will find myself locked out of LFR or not. I can only find one discussion from back in January saying no I would be fine. But in talking to many the consensus is that Silver PG will be required to do not only random Heroic Dungeons but also LFR. Guess we will see. The troubling thing to me is that I know that eventually I will out gear heroic dungeon content to a point where I can completely ignore mechanics and really would not need any rewards from them other than what ever item is required for the legendary ring.

I could probably write a small novel on the problems I am having. But I am working them out. It takes time to recognize compulsive behavior and work at finding a middle ground.


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