I was reading the Alternative blog….

Specifically this posting


this morning.  And if you have not read her blog before you really should, there is a lot of great stuff, and very well thought out postings.

And she is dead on, not even so much with the current state of Hunters but I am sure with many other classes.  Way back when, when we started down the road of trimmed down talent trees, the thought behind it was that we were all becoming cookie cutters, you too a certain build for leveling, then switched into the more end game focused build.  There was not much thought in swapping things around, at most you would switch some glyphs depending if a fight called for it.  I may be wrong, but I thought it was Ghostcrawler that had said they wanted talents to be more of a “Choice”  Choose talents to suit your play style.  And that sounded wonderful.  Try out 1 of the 3 in each level to find the one that fit the way you enjoyed playing.  But like it has been for years now, it does not take long for those with the knowledge to ferret things out that in short manner, an optimal build will come forth that all should play, and if you don’t you are doing it wrong.

SHadowpriests are no different than the current state of the Hunter class, where you are being focused into choosing 1 particular spec/talent choices.  I have read the thinking on choosing talents for the top 2 levels,  The logic is all about numbers, not game play.  And if you look at the chart posted in her blog you will see Priests are still way don the list, and that is with the crazy Clarity of Power build and Shadwow Weaving rotation that may be exciting and frsh and complex to those at the top but it is not the way I like to play.

In my mind all DPS spec of a class should be very close to withing 5% of potential damage depending on a fight.  When you get into the top 2 levels of talent choices the difference should be much smaller, less that 2%, and carrying it even further in 1% for glyphs.  This whole illusion that we have more choices is false, no matter what, there will always be those that can determine the best build, choices, rotations, to get the most out of the class, and if you are doing it wrong by playing in a way that you enjoy, then you are a bad player.


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