Bloggy Xmas Countdown

Wow, what an interesting year it has been.  Stepping up to lead the guild has been such a wild ride for me, a year ago we were in a state where even getting 10 people on consistently to want to raid was difficult, to now having more tanks and healers than we know what to do with, 2 full raid teams of 12+ each both working on the same nights so that if perchance one team is missing key folks they can all group together.  The plans are in place for Mythic at some point.  It is all just all new territory for me.

The year has had some ups and some major downs.  So much good stuff, having a chance to meet some great people for real at our impromptu Cheese Steak Blizzcon at Jim’s South Street in Philadelphia.  I will try to do it again in 2015.  Same place, because well, Cheese steaks.  Nuff said there.  THe big down was when I came to a decision to delete the @Marathal account off Twitter.  It was such a hard thing to do, but I felt it was necessary.  It is all to easy to make comments to an anonymous figure.  I have opened up my personal Twitter account to so many people that I enjoy reading and interacting with.  Finding the Alternative chat blog, wow, such great writing, and reading gives me solice in that I am not alone in how I feel at times about the state of the game.  TO seeing the wonderful @Esmeraldasky forming the Dirty Casuals guild.  LOL, best to you all there lady.

2014 has been…..interesting.  Here is to 2015, to everyone having a wonderful year full of achievments and progression in what ever part of playing the game offers you enjoyment.  There is no wrong way to play, the only wrong thing to do is to “Not” play.  And take heart all you younger folks in your twenties, in a few days I will be 52.  Been playing video games since the original Pong came out.  Age is just a number, yeah you may have to adjust what you play to suit your life, but it is not a barrier to playing anything.

Happy holidays to all, and a prosperous new years.



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