I want to break the tether

I am sure some are feeling similarly. We feel tied to the Garrison. Sure we have gone out to zones to complete quests in order to supply work orders, cut down trees, trapped animals, fished, ran dungeons, but we always seem to come back. I don’t claim to be the voice that got city Trade and General included with the Garrisons, and now I thinking it may be a bad thing.

We use to hang out in town certainly. But not we congregate in a new alternative city. One populated by followers we have recruited. With patrols wandering about saluting us. Paying us compliments. We send our minions out on missions, feel like we are doing things when we succeed on that 23% one. Yell at the screen when a 95% fails. I am doing things. But I feel like it is missing something. Sure I can portal to Ashran to see people running about. Can invite folks to my Garrison. Can even wander out the north gate to see if anyone is around.

But it feels like I am hanging out in Silvermoon or the Exodur. Yeah you have your chat scrolling away, guild chat etc. But the people are not right there. They may be 20 feet from you but no where near. I feel like all of the building are put in place to lead me to do things. Where we complained we were forced to do dailys, we are now guided by our own choices to complete tasks. We need resources to make our garrisons run and to do that we need to go out and do things. But we keep coming back. Checking mission status. Oh one came back, wonder if they got the upgrade for me.

It is starting to get to me. I find myself up in the morning prior to work doing the fast reset clear of the mine an garden. Doing the profession stuff. Just so that later I’m when I log in I can go off to do other things. But I keep wanting to check on it.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe a daily routine created by our own choosing does give us choice in what we do on game. I think I may try to spend some more time outside in the world.


2 thoughts on “I want to break the tether

  1. I feel exactly the same as you. Now you don’t even see your neighbor o.O At least you saw them in the bigger cities. But then again, no matter what they implement there is always the one hangout we end up at.

    They could have done something more similar to ffxiv, where you have plots, and you can go into your neighbors houses and visit without having to be in a party. And it is like a neighborhood, so you could stand on your guild’s plot, waving to your neighbors. Feels a bit more social. Only drawback there is that its guild plots, not ur own.

    I think the garrison is a bit lacking, and feels a bit forced, you get the neeeeed to go check every time something pops up.


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