I made a mistake


You see I never felt like I was better than anyone.  When I wrote that blog post expressing an opinion about how I felt I never expected anyone to really read it, much less take sides and all that happened.  It was very disconcerting to me to see people respond as they did.  It was a personal opinion.  Nothing more.  Some times the written word does not mean what you think it means.  Other times it may mean more.  Knowing the person making the statement can go miles to understanding what they said.


I have been told, it is your Blog, your writing, people can either agree with it, can disagree but acknowledge your opinion has some merit and perhaps look at things differently, or disagree wholeheartedly and just ignore what you have said.  When I saw all of the fighting amongst people I followed on both sides, it was overwhelming to me.  What did I start here, I didn’t mean it like everyone seemed to be interpreting, maybe I said it wrong, maybe I just should have said nothing at all and

Sorry, could not resist.

I have been around video games for many many years, longer than most have been alive, I have seen it all, from Pong, to Atari, to Coleco Vision, Nintendo, Play Station, PC games, Board Games, Magic, D&D, Battletech, Pretty much everything Games Workshop ever came out with, and many many others, I have always been a part of any forums that existed, from the WoTC forums, to Hordelings, my own local hobby store, if I ever thought to count the total, it would be in the hundreds of thousands of postings.  I was never a great player at any one game.  I was/am average, but I always enjoyed playing regardless.  When it came to WoW I knew absolutely nothing, learned all I did from reading, ThotBot for quests, WoW Insider, MMO-Champion, WoW’s forums, I was there doing what I always did, reading, asking questions, trying to help someone if I knew an answer.  It is what has always given me a lot of enjoyment, not only trying my best to play or understand, but to try to help someone out, and if that little bit of advice helped, then it was a good day.  So when I heard in guild chat that a few people just could not find successful groups at the very end, and just could not get that final kill for the mount, I felt really bad that the system in place was preventing these friends I play with from getting something that I was fortunate enough to get.  So that was why I wrote what I did.

Screen shot 2011-03-09 at 10.22.27 PM

And that is the truth, I just want to play in a world where it does not matter how good you are, but only that you love playing as much as me, and try to treat other people with the same level of respect you would expect to be shown.  We all don’t play to the same level, the 10 year WoW vet has seen more than many that play, but they are not any better a person than the 14 year old that got WoW for Christmas 3 weeks ago.  We all started knowing nothing, and over the years we have learned so much that there are times even those of us that have played for years need to go look something up.  I can recall comments made in trade chat towards the end of Wrath when a guild finally got their Lich King kill, those few that had gotten the achievement would say congrats…on content that was old 6 months ago.  To this day I cannot fathom why people need to say things like that.


The other day on Twitter, a comment was made in response to someone asking when raiding gets to be fun, and the reply was when you stop raiding with remedial players.  I asked why a comment like that, and the reply was, to paraphrase, I said remedial because people don’t like retard.  So I unfollowed the person.  It was their opinion, yes they are entitled to it, no I do not agree with the sentiment or the way it was phrased.  Your level of skill has no bearing on whether or not the game in any form is fun to you or others.  We all play to different levels for what ever reason, age, health, poor internet, older computers, real life.


No, I’m not.  8+ million players, 8+ million different views on what is fun to do.  I would love to raid and be a part of that portion of game play, would love to be doing more with people in the guild, in my circumstances, I just do not have the time, or the level of skill, to do so.  I will always jump in to help out with some fight out in the world, or answer questions, or make an enchant for someone.  I guess I am playing vicariously through others.  And that is fine for me, I measure my success as a player in how much fun and enjoyment those people in my guild are having.  At consistently 990+ members, I think many are.  Certainly there are some that do not find how we do things to be fun for them and they leave, but on a server where it is more common for people to leave for progression, it is refreshing to see people come here for the fun of playing at your own pace.  Laughing at jokes, working together with other like minded people.


I was lost.  I made a mistake.  The course of action I took by deactivating Marathal seemed like the best thing to do.  Hopefully if it happens again one of the awesome people that follows me will ask me to wait.  Clam down, let some time pass.  Never take it personally.  I hope I am here years from now still filling your heads with nonsensical ideals about how having fun does not mean placing yourself above others.  Thank all of you for welcome back messages, and for the fast follow backs.


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