Money for nuthin


I am sure the few that read my blog already know about the guild that is being investigated for purchasing a realm first Mythic clear.  If I have read the article correctly they are alleged to have paid $1500 for 15 characters to be played for them in order to get this distinction.  If I recall the Realm firsts were removed from the game.  There are a few web sites that will track these kinds of rankings, and I am sure since this all came to light the guild in question has lost what ever rank they had.

I don’t know if it is just myself, or perhaps many people with a similar mindset to myself, that we just don’t understand it.  Why risk the chance you could end up banned for life, just to have, for a few weeks to a month or so, the distinction of having a realm first title.  I could see it being even less expensive to just move the entire guild to a much lower progression server, and getting the same title for a lot less.  Unless we are talking about the small sandbox up on the hill with the bleachers for fans to sit in to watch those few at the extreme top of the game play and battle for worlds first rankings.

With guilds like Method looking to break into the E-sports arena with professional gaming teams, sponsors, and at the end of the day, earning a paycheck for playing video games, I am sure the temptation is fathomable.  Take a risk in the hopes that you may be able to recruit a few high skilled players from other guilds or servers, to join with those you have to break into the top 10 World club and a chance at fame and fortune.  Unfortunately for them, they were caught, and unfortunately for the guild that chose to accept payment to do so, they will most likely be caught and punished for doing so too.

But it has me wondering, we have all heard the talk about being able to exchange Game Time Cards for in Game gold, I have seen on occasion advertizements in trade chat selling Heroic, now Mythic kills for gold, visit our web site for details, and when you do, there is a small note about alternative methods of payment can be discussed. Higher level guilds have always made their capital to cover being at the level they are by selling runs.  Is this just taking it to another level?  Would anyone have cared if it happened on some low ranked server a month from now and the result was a worlds 120th rank?  Probably would not have even caused a blip of notice.  But because we are talking about the elite, the best of the best, the top 1%, it was noticed.

The big no no, was not that they so much paid real cash for the kills, it was that they let other players play their characters to do so.  And that has me worried.  Where is the line draw.  Where will the line be in 5, 10, even 15 years. Will proving grounds achievements be up for grabs, rare mounts like Poundfist?  Pay someone to camp the spawn point for you while you are in work?

My personal opinion is that Blizzard not only should dole out the appropriate punishment for this, but also should go on record and spell out for the future, here is the minimum penalty for behavior such as this, people should know that here is the line, cross it at your own risk, and if you do so, expect to be looking up at the ban hammer



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