Did they drop the ball with Heroic Dungeons

Heroic Dungeons, the bane of many a new level 100 solo player, looking to run them using the group finder.  Silver Proving Grounds achievement keeps many locked out until the gear they acquire outpaces the need to run them.  They drop Blue quality 630 gear, but some are finding themselves beyond the minimum to get into LFR at 615 even before they ding 100.  And make the jump right into LFR and it’s 640, and sometimes 646 warforged drops, add in a few 645 Garrison Mission rewards, and 640 crafted pieces to fill missing armor slots, is there a need to even set foot in them.

So why do them at all, why even waste development time creating them beyond something to do for those looking for disenchant mats, or to do Challenge mode runs for transmog pieces.  Well we do have to run them in order to progress on the legendary ring quest, if we have the Tavern in our Garrison we get daily quests to go in for some goodie bags with a few items in them.  It almost feels to me like something slipped through the cracks with the design, almost like two seperate teams were not at a key design meeting.  Heroics are not facerolls, they can be difficult with a minimally geared group that has not been in them yet, when you have the daily quests you may find yourself in a group already in progress, or one that moves so fast you do not have time to search for some item hidden in the brush, and rarely do groups kill every mob so going back at the end, if you actually can, will have you facing off by yourself.

I have run a few LFR’s.  They are relatively enjoyable, I have yet to see one group cal for multiple wipes to get stacks of determination, the 7th single boss fight may result in 1 wipe, but is easily downed a second attempt.  Through LFR, crafted, and Mission rewards, I out gear any need to do Heroics, or LFR now.  So why should I even take time I could be working on other things to run them.  There is no compelling reward.  I have a solution.  I had considered suggesting bringing back Valor or Justice, but thinking on it I have a better thought.  Award 1-2 Savage bloods for a completed Heroic Dungeon each day.  Needing 15 to upgrade 1 piece of gear is so costly that most don’t even bother, especially since we will be replacing most gear with the next content before we could upgrade more than a few once, let alone twice.  Doing this will offer an incentive to do the dungeons at lest once a day.  It will offer another means to get a needed material for crafting without making it a grind.  Other than that I can see no need to run the content beyond a few specific circumstances.


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