Why am I here…

Yesterday two comments were made to me, this one;

I think, like most people on Twitter, he’s there for a very good reason. The question then becomes what exactly that reason is…

And a friend in game asked me this;

You don’t raid, you don’t PvP, what do you do in game?  Sit in your Garrison and socialize?

And it really got me thinking.  Why am I here.  Why on Twitter, why on Facebook, why even in game.  The answers I was looking to write about only seemed to generate more questions and thoughts.

I originally came to Twittter because of Fox Van Allen, I followed his articles on Shadow Priests on WoW Insider, and he had mentioned he was on Twitter so I made an account, I followed Dawn Moore, and all of the other columnists from the there, then taking Twitters suggestions soon followed all of the WoW Community Managers, the list grew bigger and bigger everyday, over 4+ years I was maxed on how many I could follow, and had hundreds that followed me back.

In the early days it was almost like being on a new server in a new guild, with everyone talking about WoW, and sharing achievements, talking about things going on in game and their lives, and it was wonderful.  When they required you to use an authenticator to log onto the official forums, that pretty much shut down an avenue for talking to people about WoW when not at home for me.  (Anyone that ever left their authenticator at work knows that horror.)  More and more people started turning to Twitter as so many of the CM’s were interacting with players.  And there was a subtle change over time.  I never really thought about it until today looking back, but there was.  Those that use to use the forums in the hopes a Blue would acknowledge a complaint or opinion were turning to here, where they could ask directly, some times they would get answers, other times not, but the level of interaction with players was considerably higher, which was a good thing and bad.  Also there was more of a call for social issues in the game, those championing causes now also found a forum to make their voices heard with direct lines to specific people.  Soon I noticed that like any extremely large guild, groups started to isolate themselves from those that did not share similar opinions, and it still fragments to this day.  10 million people, 10 million views on life and gaming.  I would love to follow and interact with everyone, but I no longer can.  Being in between two vastly differing opinions is not where I want to be.  I do not care to be the cause of an argument, or feel like I need to pick sides.  I am here because I am a gamer, and I play World of Warcraft.  Nothing more.

Oh, and Coffee and cute kitten pictures.

My Facebook has been around probably longer than my Twitter, it was mostly because I wanted a separation from gaming and my friends and family that did not play, there has been some overlap there with adding gaming friends, but it still is there as a wall between real life and the gaming life.  Creating the server Facebook group was a result of seeing so many friends leave WoW, or transfer away, and giving them all a means to stay in touch.  How it has grown over the years without me shutting the whole thing down I attribute to my wife.  She has been the one to tell me let them get it out of their systems, something will come along soon and it will be dropped.  There were many an early morning I would check my phone to 50 notifications and private messages.  And felt I should just boot everyone involved.  But it has taught me, and I hope many that are in the group, that there is a real person behind that screen.  I like to think that it has made many more sympathetic to others that may not do as well, has sparked some friendly rivalries, and has been a good place to share ideas and talk about WoW.

Now the tough one.  Why am I in game.  I am not some world class raider, or a ranked Gladiator Arena player.  I can’t say that I excel at any one part of the game except in the fact I try to play everything, even if only for an hour here and there.

Almost 16,000 achievement points.  I think it is fair to say I have done a few things in game.  If I went back and got Loremaster a 2nd time it would be so much more.

So what do I do every night, well I log in around 7pm my time, spend about 20 minutes running around the Garrison doing the daily routine, professions etc.  Take care of missions, then work on some guild stuff, see who may have left, are there any looking to join, how is the guild bank fund, do I need to sell something to keep the account above water.  I will read guild chat for a bit, read trade if there is intelligent conversation happening, sometimes join in if they are on a Murloc movie names discussion.  Then I head out, either to do a Garrison mission, a building quest, Ashran, any number of things.  I have not found one particular thing to work on that is compelling to me to complete.  Treasures are ok, but get aggravating when up in a tree or requiring you to battle 4 elites to get 40 resources.  I do not particularly like organized raiding any more.  Siege was the final straw for me.  If you look at my raiding history prior to that it really shows how much it drops off at that point.  I still will run LFR to see the content, get what I can from it, then wait for the next.  I love all of those I am friends with at all levels of gaming, but I cannot make myself do that any longer in its current state.  I was always 9 months or more behind everyone when I started, but now I find myself at a point where I am current in what I require to do things, with a mentality that it is too soon to do it, if that makes any sense.

Suffice it to say, I really don’t know why I am here, just that I am.


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