We need a monument man…..err Crab


Mr. Street, that’s for you.

Oh boy so many thoughts in my head, going to try to organize them into a coherent post here.

Some talk yesterday about needing a monument man.  And to be socially correct here, I am going to say that we do not need just one man, we need a group of men and women to handle this issue.  Ghostcrawler, was in my personal opinion one of those rare people that handled social media and disseminating information extremely well.  But I do not think that even if he came back, that it is a job that any one person can do any longer.  You see he was a monument, a figure, a person we could point to or at and say help, or all your fault.  When he left we sought out all of the other notable people at Blizzard and they did an exceptional job spreading the load of incoming comments amongst themselves, tagging in parties that may have had more insight to questions or concerns.  Perhaps some things were said in error, and they were called out on it, we are all human, we cannot be correct 100% of the time and maybe it was a poorly worded question or the answer given on the fly may have been misinterpreted.  Regardless all of the staff that interacts on Twitter and Facebook do an admirable job of trying to interact with players daily.

Something perceived happened before Christmas, we all saw the creation of the @WarcraftDev account, we all heard information would be filtered though it.  Everyone went on holiday and it felt like after the first of the year

I do not know if any have seen the movie Force 10 from Navarone, with Harrison Ford and Carl Weathers, if you haven’t you really should.  At the end of the movie they have a small amount of explosives to blow up a damn, they place the charges inside the damn near the base, and poof, nothing much happens, because well its a damn, and concrete.  Except something does, a little crack forms, and millions of gallons of water sees a tiny way out and goes for it, and the crack gets bigger and bigger until


It all comes rushing through destroying everything in its path.  That is the issue I see, they have taken a steady flow of information that was spread out across many people and put up a damn with 1 tiny outlet.  The pressure just keeps building until it all gives way.  Now I did notice a presence last night in many notable people popping up on Twitter.  We saw you.  Yes we did.  We know who you are.  And it was a bit awkward but needed to relieve some of the pressure.  It is not a job any one or even 3 people can handle.  Do I think I could tackle the job? Possibly for some aspects, but Twitter and Social media has become a Juggernaut that requires multiple people to tank it, it is a never ending fight to keep it under control.  If you don’t the potential is to wipe the raid.  If it wipes too many times people may give up and go do other things.

Now I have other thoughts on why you all may have been noticeably absent, baring Holidays which I feel are well deserved time off for you all.  But I will keep them to myself.


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