Are Garrisons a crutch

I am wondering this morning if having a Garrison is becoming a crutch.

I had a Garrison campaign quest that showed up the other day.  Since I follow a bunch of knowledgeable people I had an idea that I should be looking for these.  I think I have seen other quests related to the 12 needed for the achievement, but until recently just looked at it as a single quest or perhaps one of the Apexis crystal type quests that show everyday.  So many I have passed on because I honestly did not know. Now that I do I took the quest and headed out.  It was not all that far just north of the Garrison for the first part.  After getting killed twice on the first because thinking that being level 100 in decent gear…. I did finally manage to get through the first part which opened up 2 follow up quests and a cinematic.  OK, I can do this. Just be more cautious.  So I headed towards where the map showed the objective, made a wrong turn and had to backtrack, so ended up taking me about 10 minutes of riding around to figure out where I needed to go through to get to where I had to be, and ended up in not only the area for the quests I needed to complete, but also a level 100 bonus objective zone.  So now not only do I have the 2 quests I want to finish, I have more to do.  Ok, I need to get 10 drops, start picking off the lowest health critters, 1 drop for 3 kills.  Seriously?  Are we still doing the whole RNG drop on quest items?  Please.  Just tell me I have to kill 30 or 40.  Don’t aggravate me with killing multiples and not seeing a drop.  I went back to the Garrison paid the repair bill and just logged out for the night.  The next day I was determined to finish it one way or another.  So, I work my way back through, draw the ire of a level 101 Silver elite that came up behind me and proceeded to kill me, died a few more times and just corpse ran to get closer to where I had to go for different portions of the quest, because that is certainly enjoyable and filling me with desire to keep going.  I finally get those two complete, manage to make it to the turn ins and finish the whole thing.  The reward?  A toy I already had.  /facedesk.  So I went back to my Garrison got the few gold for the quest, and paid my 69 gold repair bill.  Thought about things I could be doing, took the mole machine to Gorgrond found a few treasures, went back to the Garrison and logged out disheartened.

I don’t mind not having flying in the game, however, there is some poor design choices if you need to spend more time fighting your way to something than the amount of time it takes to complete.  Flying might take some of the travel time away from completing tasks, I could have saved 30 minutes or more time that I could have been doing other things if I was able to fly out to the area I had to go, rather that fight my way through.  I get it.  They want us to experience the game in the ground, it is a hostile land and getting something should have meaning and satisfaction that you worked for it.  But the reality is that it is becoming too easy to just log in, run around the Garrison for 30 minutes doing professions and gathering, possibly taking the Tavern quests and doing a Heroic Dungeon, which I might add I have skipped with the exception of 2 I tried that left me not wanting to do them at all.  There is no compelling reason to, a bag of gold?  Some Blue gear to disenchant?  No thanks.  I would rather spend less time running LFR for better rewards.

No Garrisons are supplying me with ample 620 PvP gear to do Ashran once every few weeks, gear from follower missions, gear from my professions, a small stream of income.  I don’t really need to venture out and play WoW, which is telling me that there is really something wrong.  I should want to go out and explore, but the thoughts of being constantly on guard always ready to have to fight is just draining.  When we had flying in MoP people use to group up and fly routes to rare farm, now I am lucky if I see another person out in a zone willing to help me kill an objective.  My level 92 Alt is stuck because I cannot kill 1 guy by myself, and I hate the thoughts that I will need to ask someone to take time from something they could be doing so that I can complete 1 quest that will most likely unlock a few more I need to do, just so I can unlock a level 1 profession building  that will keep him in the Garrison, only to see any activity once a day for a few minutes.

I am at a point now where Heroic Dungeons have no value, running the current LFR has no reward I need, I am good to go for the next set of LFR’s coming, but that will only last a few times to get what drops I can of the bosses.  There is something wrong with having a feature that makes you feel like you should be there all the time.  People may say, well it is no different than being in a city, but it is, at least in the cities you saw people, you had more of a sense of belonging to a community.  Having General and Trade is nice, but I am starting to feel alone in a world with 10 million people.  A thought I had, was that every so often, the Iron horde should level the place, and your option is to go to an outpost,

Commander, the Iron Horde did a number on the Garrison, we are going to need a week to rebuild, we have moved operations to base camp Skettis.  We will inform you when we have the base back in tip top shape. 

You see, it’s simple.  Kick us out, serve us an eviction notice, force us to get out and play the game.  Otherwise we will just keep advancing our armies of Alt’s though to set up shop and spend all of our time doing a few basic things, and wonder why we are paying our $15 a month to sit in our own little town.


One thought on “Are Garrisons a crutch

  1. Yup, I feel very similar. In every other expac I was always out doing stuff. It feels more like a chore or a waste of time now. Not sure if it is the lack of flight or the lack of a defined goal.


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