Are we becoming lazy


Was thinking driving to work listening to the weather forecasts for this big blizzard we are supposed to have coming.

Are we becoming lazy, or has Blizzard catered to our demands to be so.  I look at what gear I have acquired for PvE and PvP.  I really did not do much work.  I buy materials for professions from the AH because I do not have the time to go farm hundreds of fur, or dust for enchanting, I send my Inscriptionist the free herbs, and my Blacksmith the free ore.  I have crafted many pieces of 640 cloth gear, some I have sold, some I have given to people in guild, I got myself to 615 quickly, rand a few LFR’s, quickly got everything I could possibly get from them, and stopped running them.  I suppose I could raid now, but that just feels like the endless cycle, gear up, LFR, Raid, gear up, LFR, raid.  I have the Gladiator building in my Garrison, I have spent maybe 3 hours all told in Ashran, and have a complete set of 620+ gear, along with (2) 660 Conquest rings.  I don’t feel like I really worked all that hard to get them, just zoned in, joined a group, followed them around for an hour, then enough mats for work orders for 2 weeks.

I am thrilled they gave meaning to professions.  But I think it was a mistake in some respects.  The whole secondary stats thing is a mistake on so many levels.  They took out reforging because we were using it for the wrong reasons, it was supposed to be to reforge stats that were not great on pieces of gear, not to min max everything.  So they give us a means to re roll stats, its the same thing with a different name, the difference is now it is more of a gamble that you could end up with worse.  Personally I think they should just scrap all of the secondary stats, it just adds to confusion to players.

In the past, I would be running dungeons and LFR to possibly get gear or to get Valor, Justice, to purchase gear.  With removing the need to, why should I.  Inside of a month of casual play I have exhausted all of the grinds I would normally be doing and grumbling about having to do, but do them I would.  I think a solution is to make crafted gear have just base stats, and bring back Valor/Justice for pieces with secondary stats that you could pick the piece that had the appropriate for what you needed.

In Cata we had what I believed one of the developers referred to as Welfare Epics, I think those need to come back, good enough to fill a slot but not great.  We may whine and complain that you are forcing us to do things, but honestly we really need you to do so.  Right now, there is really nothing compelling for me to do in game.  I mostly log in, do professions, and maybe the Apexis daily.  The current system has made me lazy, and it honestly is up to me the player to snap out of it and go do something.  I think Ghostcrawler said to the effect, Never underestimate the desire of players to look for the easiest fastest way to do something.


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