To the former WoW Insider people as you start your new journey

First,  I would like to thank you again for years of reporting on a game that many of us hold dear.  For many of us, you were the go to place to learn about what things were coming, and what they meant for us.  I know you have many thoughts and ideas on making the new place more to what you feel will be a viable and prosperous venture.  But please keep in the back of your mind those that made WI what is was, not just the excellent staff of writers, but also the people that visited every day.  Those that the information given had great meaning.

I do not know if we will see a return to the class columns, it was a huge loss for me. I am sure others.  The 95% that came to the site because the patch notes made absolutely no sense came there to have a person talk to them in a manner they could understand.  Many may feel that explaining things in a less complex way is catering to the casuals, but we are what keeps it all going.  Those of us that really want to learn the back story, want to try to be better players, those mom’s and dad’s sneaking an hour or two at night to just log in and escape the pressures of real life.

There will always be class sites for those at the top, in one form or another, there will always be sites that just put out the raw data, what you had was magical in having people with the knowledge that would take a few days to think it over and just talk about why a change was good, or why we should not all be grabbing pitchforks and storming the walls.  As long as you don’t forget the average player, you should do fine.  Just please do not fall into the trap of locking away information behind pay walls.  Many of us will do all we can to help support.  Treat everyone fairly and as a human being.

I wish you the best in this new venture, I hope that you are able to grow it and be even more successful than WI ever was.  I will be there Tuesday to show support in what ever way I can.


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