Look at the pretty flower Mara

Single flower sprouting in the Atacama desert

That is what I feel like.  A single flower in the middle of the desert alone in my garrison.  Venturing out takes time to find areas that have purpose.  It is a harsh dangerous landscape requiring we battle just to get to a place we may need to go.  One thing I have noticed with these Garrison objective quests that now seem to show up more regularly on Tuesday, is that they are smack in the middle of a level 100 bonus area. “Oh, while you are here, why not spend an extra 20-30 minutes running around killing things since the quests overlap”. Ummm, sorry?  Can’t I just do what I came out here to do?  Or is your sending me out here to do this, a means to get me to do what is out here.  Oh you are a sneaky one there.  You are not leaving it up to me to go find areas to do things, you are subtly showing me area’s to farm rep.  Sneaky sneaky there.  Not giving me a daily quest to go farm rep, but instead giving me a weekly quest to show me an area where I can go farm rep.


I never minded doing the rep dailies, the issues were letting us do as many as we wanted, and placing needed rewards behind them.  You have created a new form of grinding by placing useful rewards behind a currency.  There are many ways to do things to get said currency, some more lucrative than others.  But grinds they are.  And I really don’t want to bother with them.  You have stuck me out here in a barren area in my little fortress of solitude, all alone.


Remember this place?  Many of us do.  We all hung out here, Alliance and Horde, we all waited in line to get into Wintergrasp to wrench control from the other faction, we all fought hard so we could have our chance at the raid for a chance at Epic gear, at mounts, and for that 10% bonus for questing and reps.  We hung out, we dueled in the sewers, we ventured out into the world and did things.


Did I just yell?  Yes, yes I did.  We are a social bunch.  While we may not actively talk to those around us, we want to feel a part of a crowd, we want to be with people.  Having Trade and General in our Garrison is fine, but it may as well be talking to people on a conference call thousands of miles away.  I think it is fairly safe to say I am a target audience, I am someone that has logged in near everyday for over 5 1/2 years. I am the bank roll that helps keep it all funded for those that sub for a few months, then unsub till the next content patch.  I feel like I am being encouraged to level alts, to go back and redo the leveling experience, to unlock yet another Garrison to farm mats to fund work orders to make things to sell, so I can buy more things.  I could have an army of alt’s all working 20-30 minutes a day, 6 would take all of my play time in an evening.  And I am growing tired of it.  Log in, gather last nights work orders, collect Follower missions, do salvage bags, upgrade followers, send them back out, take care of the garden, run the mine, place more work orders, send mats to alts.  Log in to next character, rinse repeat, over and over again.  And I only have 3 alts, one at 90, one 93, and my main at 100.

I want a capital city back.  I want a Dalaran, I want to be a flower in a field of flowers.


2 thoughts on “Look at the pretty flower Mara

  1. Great post, into have this issue. I feel All alone in a game that is supposed to be about everyone there. After I do my garrison stuff, I have no time left for much else. If I want to run LFR I have to skip my daily garrison matenance

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  2. The fact that the Garrison feels like a chore and eats up the whole time and the fact that it’s more convenient to us to sit in a place with no people are kind of unrelated.
    Personally, I don’t have a need to sit around and see other people sit like me or pass by me with no interaction (might as well be NPCs).
    Ashran now is one such a place. It’s full of people, crowded, most of them run around like they would have done in Dalaran, but since the place is small it gives me a headache seeing people so agitated.
    In Dalaran, I was sitting in the bank. My guildmaster had a spot in the middle circle. I was sitting on the circle around that. And another officer was sitting on the third circle. And we’d sometimes see people running in and out of the bank. When not doing that I was doing laps around it.
    Was it such a big deal? I don’t think it was.
    Also, when doing Apexis I’m seeing enough people to piss me off that I’m on such a populated realm. I have to wait for respawns most often than not. And even though you get 50+ people in Shattrah for example, you can’t find 3 people wanting to join up with you and your friend to kill the eye that drops the pet. See, I don’t think SEEING people is what makes me feel good about an MMO. Interacting with them does (and I mean more than joining up a premade that kills everything in sight for you so you’re done with your quest faster). And that hardly ever happens. Or happened.
    I see people complain they feel alone and longing for the days where we’d sit in Dalaran / Org / Shrine. It’s like saying you’re alone at home and wanting to go to a cinema to be around people. That make you feel any better? Maybe. But going out with your friends tops that.


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