Shall we play a game?

Follow up thoughts from this mornings post.

That is it right there.  It truly is our fault.  We have gotten what we asked for.  All the focus is to get to the end game as fast as possible.  Everyone has become so focused on firing up our computer to Raid end game Mythic content, we have forgotten the rest of the games that teach us the lessons we need to learn to be successful at the end.  And like the ending to the movie showed us, there truly can be no winner.  Is it all Blizzards fault?  Absolutely not.  They have listened to those that demanded to be able to start at the end, and given them what they desired.  I guess I have gotten to a stage in my life where I want to play Tic Tac Toe, it is there, in the programing, but you can’t see it.  You have to know to look for it.


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