Do game developers need to tell us how to play

And there is the rub.  Do those that design and make games need to tell us how to play, or are they solely responsible to just give us a product.

When the amount of information given for raiding and class design, spell information, etc is like this puzzle with only a few missing pieces, not really.


But when the majority of the game that falls outside of that area looks like this


Then perhaps a little push in the right direction would help.  For example, the bodyguard issue, which I have heard from a few people, they had no idea either, there are only 5 in game presently, would it have been a major allocation of resources for a short cut scene to pop up when we assigned the follower to the barracks for them to show on our screen with a dialog,

It is an honor to fight along side of you commander, when you need me to fight with you in the field I will be at the ready in the barracks.

The problem seems to be arising that as more and more is added to the game, and overall design is becoming more complex, ask anyone if they understand the whole Versatility, Multistrike stats on gear, it takes more and more of our time, just to learn how to play our class, let alone figure out that to get a certain quest, we need to be in X area on the 3rd Wednesday of months that end in Y.

Achievements will always be something that many will head to web sites to research.  Some times the conditions are so complex they need to be researched.  But normal game features, I think could use a bit more fine tuning in the information department, until yesterday I had no idea that certain aspects are only viewable when at the Architects table, not through the normal follower interface.

I feel some time may need to be devoted to having people with no clue what a feature is to have a go in beta to see if the subtle aspects can be easily learned.

My 2 coppers for today


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