The $14.99 all you can eat buffet

Sorry if using a whole lot of food metaphors makes everyone hungry, and apologies for the food porn.  Going to be using a lot of food comparisons and I hope it makes sense to everyone.  This is part 1 of I don’t know how many subsequent posts.


I am going to start by saying this is a representation of Blizzard.  An enormous buffet that we all pay $14.99 a month to eat all we want.  We can come here for hours, we can stay here for days, weeks, month, years.  The only requirement is to have an appetite and the desire to try all the food offered.

There are other rooms we have access to, the Sushi room (Hearthstone)


that seems to be very popular right now, with it’s ala carte menu and optional special dishes you can purchase, the Pastry room (Diablo)


with so many delicious dishes we loved growing up, for many it was a trip down memory lane but the sweets were not as good as we remembered, still good non the less, but not for everyone.  And the other rooms, some still being constructed.


When Blizzard’s all you can eat buffet opened 10 years ago, it was a small place, out of the way, and they thought that it might do ok in it’s location.  But the foodies (Gamers) knew of the chefs, knew that what ever they might be cooking up would be awesome.  And so when they opened their location they were overwhelmed with a rush of people, so they cooked as fast as they could, some times the stove broke and people would be unhappy because their food was slow getting to the buffet, sometimes the lines to get in were long,


but as time went on, they became better at handling the rush of people when the doors opened, they became a go to spot for millions of customers everyday.  And so they grew, they expanded their business to accommodate more and more people to a point 5 years in they were bursting at the seams.  Some thought was made that perhaps going back to the roots of the business, lets give the original menu a redo, maybe we will bring back a lot of the old customers that had gone off to try other buffet’s.  Some came back, but others left because it felt like the same food just served differently.


So they opened a new location, a sit down restaurant, it was good.  The food was excellent the service was a bit off.  It took a lot of time to get the attention of a server to take your order, many weeks of doing things to get them to offer you the VIP menu of specialty dishes.  The decor was beautiful, the selections of food fantastic.


But it lacked some thing.  There was something missing.  So we headed back to the original buffet, and look at what they have done, they have added new stations, more choices, more food.


Some of us sit by the table near the hot appetizer bar (Garrisons).  We could venture to other parts of the place but we have some pretty good hot food right here, and the Prime rib station is all the way over there.  The Meat carving station (Ashran) is pretty good.  There is a long line for it, and they are trying different cuts of meat, some grab whats on the outer tables, while others go straight up the middle for the meat and potatoes.  Way over in the other wing of the restaurant is the wine tasting area (Mythic Raiding), you really need a select pallet to get in and enjoy the offerings, the fried shrimp and chicken buffet (LFR) is always busy, its decent food that can satisfy a hunger for a time, the Surf and Turf (Normal/Heroic raiding) is pretty popular, sometimes it takes a few weeks to get the right combination of spices (Classes) to make something that works for everyone.

I think you all are probably hungry now and see the correlations.  Blizzard is truly an all you can eat buffet, they give a great amount of decent product for a relatively small fee.  They are pretty much open 24/7 except for once a week when they need to clean.  Other chains have tried to open, offering similar food, some with a twist, but there is something to be said for our old favorite diner.


It is not spit and polished like many new places, but it has charm and a comfortable feel to it.

What we as players need to realize is that just because we are at an all you can eat buffet, with unlimited choices, is we don’t need to eat everything, but also that we do need to be willing to try new foods.  We may love eating steak, but have we ever tried Mahi Mahi, or Shepherds Pie?  There is a great feast there for us, we should go try new things, and not gorge ourselves to where we become sick on one part.

Tomorrow I will be talking about where we choose to sit, and who to sit with


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