If you make it accessible they will……….

Still complain about everything.

No matter what they do to the game, there will always be a person or group of people that takes exception to the change.  Not enough, to much, to easy, to hard, to grindy, not grindy enough.


Some things they get right and all agree it is a good change, most of the time, however there are opinions all over,  Some want this, others that, and in an effort to make as much accessible to to everyone they either adjust, change completely, or create new ways to get as many people in to what ever as possible.

I had a list of examples, but I think we have an idea what I mean.  They have catered to us for at least 2 1/2 expansions that I can come up with examples for.  Is it any wonder considering that most of the player base has played for less than 6 years that the majority only knows a history of wanting something and getting it?

I think possibly that the design philosophy of making something as accessible as possibly is fine on the surface.  But look at the reality of say raiding;

If you want your Abrogator Stones you run LFR.  LFR also has eliminated the need to run Heroic Dungeons completely unless you want a goodie bag and some gold.

Then we have Normal raids, a step up from LFR.  Many that run Normal look down upon those running LFR.

The same can be said for Heroic, and Mythic, each subset looking down upon the other.   I do wonder if creating more and more versions of things, aside from being a headache to design, is splintering people further into their own groups all in the name of being able to say “Look!!!  See!!  Look at all the people raiding!!!”

It use to take a lot of time to get to the end.  When I started many were already at 80 and into the first raids.  It did not matter to me, I plugged away and learned my class, and enjoyed all there was to see.  I went at my own speed and had fun.  When Cata came out, I got caught up in the rush to cap, do everything as fast as it comes out, didn’t finish? Move to the next, and again in Mists.  Except in Mists it was not long in that I stopped.  There was just too much to do, people were going faster than I could, and it occurred to me that I was missing a lot.

So I tried a new approach for Warlords, yes I would get to cap and complete the zones in my own time, and it went very quickly.  But now I am looking to work on things out in the world and I cannot find them.  Ok, so I have these bases I made, perhaps there are quests there, hmmm, no, well maybe there are hubs for rep daily quests, ummm no?  Ok these bonus zones do offer rep, I can kill many many creatures, reminding me of working on Booty Bay rep.

No, in an effort to make things simpler and more accessible to everyone it is all lumped in to the Garrison, you never need to leave, you can do a great deal just sitting there.  Oh occasionally you will get a quest or a mission to go outside, but there is no reason to really, once you have access to LFR you don’t really need Dungeons, if you have Gladiator building you can get full PvP gear for spending an hour in Ashran.  The switch was thrown to far in the other direction.  What use to take time and some commitment, now is handed to you, and it is just making for a situation where we will only want more faster and simpler.  Is it any wonder many still clamor for flying?  Ghostcrawler once said to paraphrase, never underestimate a players desire to do the least amount of work for the greatest reward.

I honestly don’t know what the answer is to the problem I perceive, but catering to our every desire in an effort to get us all to experience a certain part of the game is flawed.  It pushes people that probably don’t even want to be there into doing activities they dislike.  And complain they will.

Maybe not being able to do everything is not such a bad thing, as long as you don’t keep dangling carrots in an effort to encourage people to do it.  Or by placing time limits on things making people feel like a lesser player because they could not achieve it in time.


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