Opinions may vary

There is a lot to be said about listening to others opinions. Ones you agree with, ones you disagree with. Listening to even subjects that are uncomfortable to you helps you see other views of people’s lives. Good and bad.

I use to follow many many people. I felt it was healthy to see all of the different perspectives. When I closed down the original Marathal Twitter, the main reason was still there, but I realize that perhaps I had stretched myself so thin trying to listen to everyone, that something that I normally would have shrugged off and moved on broke me.

I see now there will always be “trigger” topics for many. When I was in my teens and 20’s and 30’s. this was not a phrase I knew of, and am slowly grasping the concept. It’s a downside of being involved with multiple generations of people.

But that said, I will no longer listen to talk that focuses on controversial subjects that may have deep meaning to many, for my own mental health. If you bring something up on passing, or to share, I will read, and show support if I feel needed. But when it becomes a daily routine for you, then I may just move one.

I play wow, and I am here to be a part of this extra addition to the experience, good and bad, but I do so to give myself some happiness in my life, and to hopefully bring some to others.

This is not directed at any one person(s). Just more for myself to explain the why, that I am choosing to stop following people. Follow me if you will, but that is no longer a guarantee I will follow back. I will follow people but if that line in the distance is crossed I will have no problem clicking on that button without explanation.

I have my own share of things going on with my live, and I will offer support in any way I can. But standing here near the precipice of incoming wow twitter people new to all of this I will be selective in who I associate with.


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