If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

Regardless if the current incarnation of WoW is working as intended for many, there is always room for improvement.  From my perspective, it is failing me.  I see it everyday, when we are only 4 months? into the expansion, seeing a 60% or higher drop off in people signing on, people talking about how 20 man Mythic has been a combine or die out situation, seeing even established guilds that have always been fighting to be near the top falling apart.  The middle ground is no longer some cracks that a few fall through that just don’t particularly care about how things are, it is becoming an ever growing elephant in the corner.

I can go look at the class forums any day and see a discussion on ideas for making a class better, the other day I dove into the deepest end of the pool and had what seemed to me to be a novel idea, trying to find a way to make everyone feel included.  Some talked of Gate event efforts, but you see, many of us, have no clue what that was.  I consider myself a Veteran player now because I have played continuously for more than 5 years and this is my 4th Expansion, I know many that only started playing in Mists.  So we do not all have the vast knowledge of what has been tried before, what may have failed due to system inadequacies.

I made an effort to come up with an idea, I see now it was full of holes.  It seemed like a great idea to me at the time.  Last night, I considered just deleting it all and walking away from writing completely.  Someone very wise convinced me to dust myself off and keep going.  I will do my best to keep trying to find novel ideas on ways to make things better, I may fail miserably 999 times, but if just once, just 1 time I hit it out of the park, then it will all be worth it.



One thought on “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it

  1. Having an idea that you later think isn’t as good as you first thought is no reason to stop coming up with ideas. That’s all part of brainstorming and general life really. No one should expect you to have the perfect solution to something, not even you should expect that of yourself 🙂

    You try because you value the game, you see things you think are issues and you want to fix things. That’s natural, and even if your ideas dont’ end up having a lot of merit, there’s nothing to say it won’t springboard into a better idea later. Just remember that what Blizzard chooses to do is really outside your ability to influence no matter how good your ideas 🙂 And there will always be reasons unknown to outsiders as to why some things can’t or won’t be tried.

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